Pancakes #2

Does this instructor want to have a stern talk with one of his pupils? Perhaps, she's hit a rebellious phase, and he's going to do the right thing and steer her back on the right path.

Or, perhaps, he just wants pancakes.

The last post of this type proved to be so popular and fun to write, I couldn't help but compose a follow-up.  Unlike the last one, however, this time I'm not going to focus on seventies social gatherings. Instead, we're going to check out images from the 1980s, and test how jaded and cynical we all are. We're going to test and see whether your mind is truly hopelessly lost in the gutter. Are these just innocent moments in time captured on film? Or are they moments captured shortly before "pancakes".......


Mini Skirt Monday #106: Album Covers

Truth is, I've already done a Miniskirt Monday post on album covers, many of which are repeated here today.  However, I used that Flickr 'light box' slideshow thingy, and it turned out to be a hopeless mess. So, to amend that mistake and give the subject the attention it deserves, here it is again without that shitty Flickr widget.
Not much to say on the subject itself, other than the obvious: men love miniskirts. Thus, when men see an album with a miniskirt on the cover, they are apt to buy said album.  It's marketing at its most basic.  Maybe the Beatles can afford to have a White Album, but your average schmo needs some oomph on the cover to sell those records. Let's have a look at some, shall we?


Catalogs #19: Danish Catalogs 1970-72

Okay, here's part two.  I hope you enjoy another round of batshit crazy catalog pages from Denmark.  
I would like to thank the anonymous individual who pointed me in the direction of these great finds.  If any of you out there would like to clue me in on any retro goodness buried out there on the interwebs, I would be much appreciated. These scanned catalogs were hidden alongside musty 15th century manuscripts and other items of antiquity in the Royal Archives of Denmark. If you know of any other needle in a haystack find that would fit in with Retrospace, I beseech you to shoot me an email.

 Anyway, enough of this business. Let's check out some more catalog pages. Enjoy!


Catalogs #18: Danish Catalogs 1973-74

How can I describe these pages from early seventies Danish catalogs? Words fail me. I guess the best I can come up with is this: it's just like an old Sears catalog except with hot Scandanavian chicks and awkward looking men.

But there's more.  There's that little indefinable 'something' that tells your brain "this is not from The United States".  I can't explain exactly what it is.... maybe it's that American models are always so perfectly polished - never too much makeup on the women, and all the guys look like Marlboro men. 

Take for instance this patio furniture page from the catalog.  Something just isn't quite right here.  Is that a beer on the table? Adult beverages are absolutely verboten in US catalogs. And this chick on the blue lounge thingy - what's she doing there? Something is amiss.

It may just come down to the fact that European catalogs weren't big budget Madison Avenue products by professional photographers and marketers; but rather low budget ventures done on the fly. Who knows? (And for that matter, who cares?)

Whatever the reason, these are awfully fun to look at. But don't take my word for it. Come have a look. We'll start with '74 and '73, and the next post will work from there back to 1970. (There's just too much goodness to be contained within a single post) Enjoy!


The Groovy Age of Travel #8: Stewardesses

My how times have changed. Nowhere is the difference in the cultural mindset between our own time and that of the 1960s more striking than in the role of the flight attendant. The job basically was transformed from 'eye candy' to 'serious professional' in a manner of a few short years.  It's a topic that I've gone into before on Retrospace, so I won't perform any further armchair sociology on the subject. Suffice it to say, the concept of total gender equality rendered the 'cocktail waitress in the sky' obsolete and an object of derision - a horrible example of male chauvinism in action.

Note the advertisement below I scanned from a 1970 comic book: "An airline stewardess must be.... five feet and two inches to five feet and ten inches tall".  I'm surprise they didn't specify her bust size requirements.... and notice they keep saying "she".  A male stewardess would've caused widespread panic back in '70. Salaries start at about $420 per month.

Mini Skirt Monday #105: Minis 'N' Cars

I took a quick perusal of my Miniskirt Monday posts and was a bit surprised to not see an automobile theme.  God knows I've done some pretty odd miniskirt themes (minis and booze, for instance), so I figured I'd already done one with 'cars' as its theme. After all, what would seem a more natural combo than man's two greatest loves: the combustion engine and a pair of gams? 

Alas - I have yet to do one. (Or maybe I have, and I'm just too lazy to do a thorough exam of what's been covered).  Either way, you can never have too many cool cars and miniskirted babes. So, here goes... Enjoy!


Magazines #33: A Trashy Romance Rag

Care to take a swim in the sewer? You think modern day tabloids lining the supermarket isles were trashy? It's high time you took a look at what your mom (or even grandma) was reading whilst waiting in line at the A&P. This stuff is pure mind-numbing filth... and I love it.

Download the whole magazine, and while everyone else on your plane or on your bus is busy reading the latest James Patterson novel, you can hold your head high knowing you are the only one reading a 1976 issue of My Romance. Enjoy (But be forewarned, there is a page or two with mild B&W nudity). Here are a few sample pages - gotta love these headlines!


The Boob Tube #29: Television Taboos

I found this silly little article from an old magazine from 1949.  (I'll sprinkle clips from it throughout this post.) It seems to relish the opportunity to be naughty in the name of journalism.  It's similar to how news shows today will condemn the sex and violence on TV..... whilst showing those exact scenes in the background! I swear to God I saw a side bush on Fox News the other day during a piece on how bad television has become. Go figure.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the ebb and flow of TV taboos. Considering the Supreme Court has actually weighed in on the issue lately, it would seem a particularly timely conversation.


Comic Books #38: Archie Comics Photobombs

I imagine this post will interest less than 0.01% of you reading this; however, I just couldn't help myself.  I read a ton of Archie comics and kept noticing these odd 'photobombs' popping up in nearly every issue. (Note: photobomb = term for when a random person drops in a photo unexpectedly) For some reason, Dan DeCarlo, a master comic artist if there ever was one, felt the need to draw in faces hugging the sides of the panels - again and again and again....

I suppose it has a purpose. It gives the impression that the main characters are not interacting within a vacuum. A close-up of an unknown person's face in the corner also adds an element of realism - as if you are viewing the scene in person or through a camera lens, rather than a 2D comic strip panel.

That being said..... DeCarlo did it A LOT.  I guess he just got bored to death of drawing the same characters over and over, and had the urge to stretch his artistic muscles now and again.  And perhaps this is a well known trademark of his, and I'm just now catching on.

Whatever the case, heres a generous helping of examples of the omnipresent Dan DeCarlo Photobomb. Enjoy.

Miniskirt Monday #104: The Highest of Hemlines

That's technically a mini on the left; but the one on the right is what we're looking for today.
The miniskirt is defined as a short skirt with a hemline several inches above the knee.  That seems pretty concise, but there's still a lot of leg left to uncover - and that's precisely what happened in the early seventies.  The mini's hemline crept up and up resulting in super short dresses and "micro minis".  These things took the magical mini to new heights - to the point where it was almost impractical.  Sitting without overexposure was borderline impossible and even the tiniest of breezes could give passerby a generous eyeful.

Needless to say, once the mini had reached its absolute limit (any further and it would have not been a skirt or dress at all, but rather a sort of indecent looking blouse), the mini fell out of vogue.  Hot pants kept the dream alive, but the ever shortening skirt that seemed to creep up with each passing year (much to the chagrin of teachers and parents) was no more.


Vintage Scan #20: A 1972 Quiz on Women's Lib

This November '72 issue of Young Miss contains a fun little quiz on Women's Lib.  Give it a try and see how you do! (answers at the end of the post)

1. Never let a boy know you're as smart (or smarter) than he is.
2. Only brainy girls like mathematics.
3. Only wear "feminine" clothes which will make boys look twice.
4. Don't be caught dead without a small supply of cosmetics in your handbag.
5. Let the strong boys in the class move the chairs for the teacher.
6. Sports and strenuous physical activities will make you look like a wrestler.
7. It's only right for you to take home economics (and not shop) so you can learn to prepare meals for
your husband and children.
8. The boys' tennis team (the only school team) has never allowed girls to try out-and there's no reason
why it should change its rules.
9. Girls should not be aggressive and compete because it's more feminine to let the boys be the leaders
and winners.
10. In dating, always let the boy make the first move, and never look too anxious.
11. Only women's liberation types want careers and men's jobs.
12. Don't worry too much about grades because you'll probably get married and, quit working anyway.


Retrospace Podcast #25

It's time once again for another strange trip back in time. As usual, I'm serving up a healthy dose of old TV commercials, movie trailers, and sinfully underplayed recordings.  Read on for the track list (although, I think it's funner to be surprised). Enjoy!

The Retrospace Podcast 25


Vintage Musicians #8: 1980s Punk Bands (Part II)

Time for another round of punk musicians that fell way below the Retrospace radar.  We here at Retrospace pride ourselves in obscure 70s acts, whether it be disco or yacht rock; however, our knowledge in the ways of punk begin and end with The Ramones. Beyond that, we are like Olivia Newton-John at a Hawkwind concert - lost, confused, and a little bit afraid.

Anyway, we won't let blatant ignorance stop us from pressing onward.  Buckle up, it's time for more photos of arrogant, fancy-haired youths staring at you condescendingly. Let's go!


Vintage Musicians #7: 1980s Punk Bands (Part 1)

Please don't fault me for my ignorance - I've honestly never ever never heard of the Adicts.  They may have been a wonderful band with their Clockwork Orange vibe and fancy hair; however, I just wasn't aware of the punk movement in the early eighties.  Sad to admit, but I was listening to Survivor, Men At Work, and The J. Geils Band in '82, and couldn't have less of a clue about punk bands.

In fact, I kind of thought punk had died by this point.  I guess it was busy morphing into New Wave, and was more or less a hybrid of the two.  At any rate, I probably shouldn't have titled this post 'Punk Bands You've Never Heard Of', when in fact these may be well-known to fans of this genre.  As a fan of Toto and Olivia Newton-John, I probably shouldn't make assumptions about your punk knowledge base.

Either way - whether you've heard of these bands or not - I am sure you'll agree that these promotional photographs are fun to look at.  All of these are scans from Punk Lives magazines from the early eighties.  Let's take a look at some, shall we?

Mini Skirt Monday #103: Hot for Teacher

Those poor male students of the early seventies - with so many miniskirts prancing around everywhere they looked, one wonders if they needed to carry ice packs around with them all day. It's not enough that all their fellow female students hiked up their hemlines, but their teachers also followed suit. It was truly a curse of riches.

I remember my English teacher wore a particularly short skirt on occasions - and you can be rest assured that I and all my brethren with hormones a blazin', were well aware of when she did. When the sun shone through the big windows and she stood in front, it was like freaking x-ray vision on that white skirt. Every boy in the class instantly became flushed, sweaty and uncomfortable. I wonder if she had any clue.

Anyway, suffice it to say that an attractive teacher wearing miniskirt and a room full of hormonally charged boys is an explosive combination. Perhaps, it wouldn't fly today (too suggestive for these poor impressionable youths); however, it certainly wasn't uncommon back in the day.  Here's some photographic proof - my only regret is that I wish I had more.


Catalogs #18: The Greatest Year in Women's Fashion History

Spoken as someone who spends altogether too much time looking at old catalogs, I'd have to say that 1974 is my favorite year in women's fashion.

That's right - no need to re-read that line; you read it correctly the first time. In the entire history of women's clothing, since Eve first donned a fig leaf, nineteen hundred and seventy four is the best.

It had the best of all possibilities. The mod look was out, and so was the hippy look - let's face it, they were cool, but got old quick. Both these styles morphed into the glorious fashions of '74.  The colors weren't neon-LSD anymore, but still had a bold flavors of the mod.  Plus, you still had the hippie earth tones. Indeed, this was the year when brown ruled the earth.

Polyester has been a much maligned fabric, but for sheer practicality it cannot be beat. It is wash and wear - no wrinkles to be found. (For those polyester haters, please note that all Underarmour clothing is pure polyester, as is basically all athletic clothing today. Cotton sucks.) As an added bonus, polyester clings to your body like nobody's business, and the clothing in '74 could be quite tight.... making most garments basically a practice in exhibitionism.  Gilligan like.

The fashions of the latter half of the seventies were nice; however, much like the mod attire, the gaudy disco styles got tiresome.  The clothes of '74 were the perfect balance. You might even say that, if fashions were to stay the same for perpetuity, this is the year I'd choose for them to stall at.

Sadly, women's slacks entered the scene in this year; however, it was a small price to pay for the highest hemlines in history - this was the minis last year of popularity, and it was high, high, high.

So, without further ado, check out some catalog pages from the year that 1974.