Magazines #33: A Trashy Romance Rag

Care to take a swim in the sewer? You think modern day tabloids lining the supermarket isles were trashy? It's high time you took a look at what your mom (or even grandma) was reading whilst waiting in line at the A&P. This stuff is pure mind-numbing filth... and I love it.

Download the whole magazine, and while everyone else on your plane or on your bus is busy reading the latest James Patterson novel, you can hold your head high knowing you are the only one reading a 1976 issue of My Romance. Enjoy (But be forewarned, there is a page or two with mild B&W nudity). Here are a few sample pages - gotta love these headlines!

...and here's two more NSFW... 


  1. Wow! Tawdry stuff! This is like the magazine your momma didn't want you to know existed!

  2. Wow! I can't wait to see the completely illustrated guide to my man's body and how to get the most out of every inch - super guide!

    I totally remember these mags from when I was a kid. My grandma would read them every once in a while.

    Thanks for the dl!

  3. Wow, man. The stories are all pretty normal, everyday occurrences -- from my first wife's family!!! These stories seem ridiculous until you meet people who live JUST LIKE THIS!

  4. Why do magazines like these often have girls like that on the cover?
    I am at the store and want read stories like theses and say, "Hey, there is a girl who understands the kind of life I have. I think I'll buy this magazine." ??

    Great posts.
    Thank you.

  5. My Mom would get a stack of these from my Aunt once in a while. When she was at work I'd sneak a peek at Redbooks and others like True Love & True Romance. The stories were actually pretty tame when you read them. One called "The Boy I Loved Too Much" was about a woman dating a guy who had a young son who died (drowned in a pool while unsupervised?) and she blamed herself for it. Another had a guy meet a girl, they have sex, and then they have to break it off for some reason. That's it.

    But forget the stories. The ads in the back pages got my motor running. Retro, please post some 1970s Fredericks of Hollywood and bust-enhancement ads! HOT DANG! Once in second grade (1975) we had a class assignment to cut out pictures from magazines, and another boy and I went straight to the back-page ads. We got scolded by our teacher, Ms Walker, who was probably a lot more embarrassed then we were.