Miniskirt Monday #104: The Highest of Hemlines

That's technically a mini on the left; but the one on the right is what we're looking for today.
The miniskirt is defined as a short skirt with a hemline several inches above the knee.  That seems pretty concise, but there's still a lot of leg left to uncover - and that's precisely what happened in the early seventies.  The mini's hemline crept up and up resulting in super short dresses and "micro minis".  These things took the magical mini to new heights - to the point where it was almost impractical.  Sitting without overexposure was borderline impossible and even the tiniest of breezes could give passerby a generous eyeful.

Needless to say, once the mini had reached its absolute limit (any further and it would have not been a skirt or dress at all, but rather a sort of indecent looking blouse), the mini fell out of vogue.  Hot pants kept the dream alive, but the ever shortening skirt that seemed to creep up with each passing year (much to the chagrin of teachers and parents) was no more.

Again, the dress on the left is technically a mini; however, by the early seventies, they were looking more like the one on the right..

Today we're going to memorialize those skirts that tested the boundaries.  Miniskirts and mini-dresses that rose five inches and counting above the knee. I'm not sure how these girls sat or bent over even a little bit... but 'ours is not to reason why'. Enjoy.

(as usual, click images to view larger size)

(above) The mini on the right may be one of the highest pictured in this post. Pretty impressive.

And the winner is.....


  1. Oh, Gabrielle Drake in your purple wig. Please invite me to your lunar surface. Or something.

  2. What's amazing to me is how many of the dresses/skirts still manage to be ugly even while showing all that leg. Some are really nice and classy, while others are just ghastly.

    I had to double check the one with the girl in purple hose with the guy. That looks a lot like my dad's parents house, complete with lava lamp on the TV. But I see that you didn't swipe any of mine.

  3. News item, dateline June 14, 1971:

    The cannon in the city park, installed in 1867 as a Civil War monument, has been sitting quietly for 104 years. It was believed to be unloaded, but yesterday it shot off several MiniƩ Balls. Authorities are at a loss to explain this phenomenon. Fortunately nobody was injured.

  4. One of the best miniskirt posts. Ever.

  5. The lead picture is distinctly creepy, particularly considering the pudgy guy in the plaid shirt. Is this some nurse giving the results of VD tests to the scruffy couple? "I'm sorry, but you both have syphilis as well as crab lice. We need to start you on antibiotics and disinfecting regimes immediately. Don't touch anything!"

  6. Maybe we can thank the micro for finally killing off the notion of young women wearing panty-girdles. I saw way too many of those things peeking out from short skirts. Even took a community-college course where the instructor sat on her desk and gave us a horrible view of what would be considered biking shorts these days.

  7. Is it any wonder I had a boner all throughout high school?

  8. This site is the only reason I wake up on Mondays.....


  9. What's silly about sitting on the longest pole, or being the best at sausage eating?

  10. Very nice. I can't wait til next year when the trend is to rise slightly higher..

  11. I think the girl with the highest hemline, even including cheer outfits, in 104 mini-skirt Mondays was the awarding receiving tennis player who will be forever remembered as mini #2 in post #100.

  12. Epic post is epic. From the top:

    3 Shy girl is ... not so shy
    11 Sabrina!
    20 Call me the Purple People Eater
    23-24 (8-0
    33 Cutest
    36 Runner-up
    52 Doublemint Twins?
    55 File under Things You'd Never Get Away With Today
    58 Ditto ^
    64 ALL of them!
    67 [Lame Body Work joke deleted]
    72 Chunky by today's standards, muscular by mine
    74 Lucky guy
    76 Sorry, there's such a thing as trying too hard

  13. "The chagrin of teachers"? I was forunate enough to be growing up in the era of the mini, and many of the teachers I saw in junior and senior high school wore micros, causing me to fall in love/lust at least once a day, lol.

  14. In this clip, Marcia actually has the longest skirt of any girl here. The girl in the yellow dress was wearing the shortest dress of any girl in this clip. She is also one of the tallest.


  15. Noting the girls league lobbying for (I assume) miniskirts is interesting. Up until I was in 6th grade (1969-70 school year) the girls had to wear skirts or dresses, pants, jeans, slacks were not allowed. The girls were very unhappy, particularly in the winter.

    For the Julie, who won the miniskirt record, the alternate contests (sausage eater and pole sitter) were more than a little overtly sexual.

    When I was in 7th grade we had a unit on graphing. Somebody chose, and why was I so dumb not to choose, to graph the distance of girls hemlines above the knee. If I recall, the winner was 12", she must have been a tall girl.

    Considering your discussion of the transition from miniskirts to hot pants, you forgot an extremely important item. An item which I'm pretty sure was worn by more than a few of the girls in these photos. The sizzler. The sizzler was a mini-dress (always a dress) that had matching panties. Girls wore then the same way that cheerleaders wear a matching pair of briefs under their skirts. They were planning on displaying some upskirt, so they came prepared. I only had one girlfriend who wore one for me. It was memorable.