Retrospace Podcast #25

It's time once again for another strange trip back in time. As usual, I'm serving up a healthy dose of old TV commercials, movie trailers, and sinfully underplayed recordings.  Read on for the track list (although, I think it's funner to be surprised). Enjoy!

The Retrospace Podcast 25


"Tomorrow's People" (abridged) by McDonald & Giles
Quote from the movie Warriors (1979)
Incidental music from Jason King TV series
Mike Douglas Show introduces guests
Match Game clip
"I Don't Believe in Miracles" by Colin Blunstone
Colgate commercial
Over the Edge (1979) trailer
"Circle 'Round the Sun" by BJ Thomas
Schoolhouse Rock: Conjunction Junction
US Army commercial
The Green Machine commercial
"Dy-no-mite" by Tony Camillo's Bazooka (abridged)
Welcome Back, Kotter clip
"Flying" by Badfinger

Total run time: 22:06 minutes

Use the above listed link to download or just listen, or download via Rapidshare


  1. Sounds awesome, as usual!

  2. Very nice! That Welcome Back Kotter clip would NEVER be allowed now.

  3. Thanks! They're only twenty minutes long, but they take a while to make. I don't mind, though - I actually listen to my own podcasts quite often.

    Keep the positive feedback coming!

  4. I wish they were longer too! Awesome stuff!

  5. Came back here to download it, cause it wasn't showing up in the iTunes Podcast thing when I refreshed it. Is it no longer available via iTunes?

  6. I hope I fixed that. I think iTunes gets its feed from the podcast blog http://retrospacepodcast.blogspot.com/ not here, and I hadn't published it there yet.

    To be honest, I didn't even know my podcast was available on itunes. They had rejected it a long long time ago due to copyrighted material being played on it. Hmmmm.

  7. It worked on iTunes just now. I thought you knew it was there! Shows how little I know of how all that works! LOL

  8. You should add your podcast to the Podcast feed on the LAMB site and also consider joining our podcasting network! More info on the network here: http://largeassmovieblogs.blogspot.com/p/lpn.html