Vintage Men's Mags #23: Naughty Humor Comics

The naughty humor comic panel is a lost art. It used to be an integral part of any men's rag - from Playboy to GQ to Cavalier. When these magazines started going hard core, men lost interest in these fun little illustrations. They became quaint reminders of a less explicit time.

There was skill to doing them right. Take the illustration pictured above - it takes only a moment to figure out what's going on here.  The military bag and the stripes on the sleeve are clues that this is a service man coming home for leave.... and he's only too anxious to take his lady to the bedroom pictured on the right.  The kids can wait.

Sure, it's probably not that different than a Family Circus or a Marmaduke - but with an adult oriented "Benny Hill" brand of humor.  But they were a lot of fun nonetheless, and when done right (a la Bill Ward, Dan DeCarlo, Bill Wenzel, etc.) they were fantastic.

I should mention that I've already put together a selection of these comics in a previous post. However, converting these images into a PDF proved to be beyond my mental capacity at the time. The images ended up getting scrunched, stretched and cropped  - some pages were massive, while others were microscopic.  Needless to say, it was time for me to figure this process out.

So, here's about 90 vintage dirty humor comics in a PDF. This time, all images should be scaled to the same size and not look too warped. All should be SFW. Enjoy!



  1. The hottie in the first panel looks like an older Betty Cooper, yowza.

  2. Man look at the missles on that first one!