Vintage Reads #33

From the back cover: "But she soon learns she must choose between her plan for revenge and Dick." (insert Beavis and Butthead laughter)

My wife informed me that she used to read these books when she was in high school.  I can't even comprehend a moment in my life when I would have been able to force myself to read a single page of this garbage.  But then, these books weren't designed for the likes of me. Oddly enough, my daughter picked up the book to mock its cheesiness, and now can't put it down.  It's power over the teenage girl mind has not weakened over time.

But enough of this 'girly' stuff, let's take a look at my reading list...

Back cover: "New York - a human jungle running red with human blood"

I've been told there's a movie based on this book, but I can't find it on IMDb Therefore, it never existed, right? ;-)

I haven't actually started this one yet.  If any of you out there have read any of the books in this post, please drop us a comment.

I'll also mention that I do a lot of traveling and nothing beats a good old fashioned paperback.  I have a Nook, but it needs to be recharged after long layovers, and you can't use electronic devices for a portion of your air travel.  Plus, if you lose it or spill beer on it, you're out thirty five cents, not hundreds of dollars. Not to mention the fact that you can't find any of these titles in electronic format.

I'm looking forward to this one from the creator of Psycho.  Don't be turned off by the gaudy eighties cover - this bad boy was written in 1972.

This is a truly terrible cover, of the highest magnitude of awfulness. Yet, this 1981 occult horror novel looks to be quite a gem.  "Shock by shock, the nightmare practices of hexerei come to light, still wielding their ancient powers of death and destruction..."  Kiss my ass Dan Brown.


  1. Some fun reading ahead for you!

  2. Check this one out: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6076/6106089921_5d3f7b8a6b_z.jpg

  3. KISS MY ASS DAN BROWN is a total understatement.

  4. @Dex1138 - awesome! 3 boobs. Absolutely nothing on the cover made since, even the title.

  5. It's supposed to be part of a series. I read that book when I was in middle school and don't remember jack about it but I've always wanted to go back and read the series just to see how it is.

  6. I think even years from now you can take that Couples cover, show it to someone, asked what decade it was from and IMMEDIATELY the answer will be "The 1980's"

  7. I think that any reprint of "Witching" should have "Kiss my ass Dan Brown" as one of the cover blurbs.