Bad Songs #15: Songs for Gay Dogs

Nothing against Paddy Roberts - after all, he was a distinguished veteran of the Royal Air Force during World War II, a successful soundtrack composer, and an accomplished lawyer.  That being said, he may have taken a wrong turn with his album Songs for Gay Dogs.

Obviously, the term "gay" had a different meaning in 1963, but it still deserves a chuckle.  It's easily one of the best unintentionally funny album covers ever..... and by "funny" I mean "humorous", not "gay"..... and by "gay" I mean "queer" not "lively"..... and by "queer" I mean "homosexual" not "peculiar".

Anyway, any one of the songs on this album would qualify as a bad song, well worthy of inclusion in this post.  However, I thought I'd just just include a couple randomly picked tracks. After all, how many songs for gay dogs do you need to hear?  I think a couple of Paddy's poorly sung ditties about senseless unfunny nonsense will be more than enough.  See for yourself.

"Three Old Ladies" by Paddy Roberts
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"The Little Piggy" by Paddy Roberts
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  1. Have to say I expected something far worse. Also, he'd have been four years of age when World War I broke out..
    Thanks for sharing- I knew of the album but had never heard anything from it before.

  2. Thanks for pointing out the typo. Fixed.

  3. To be honest I really kind of liked this. Thanks!

    Is there any chance we could hear the rest?

  4. It's not that bad actually. I've seen the album cover listed as one of the "worst album covers" but the music isn't too bad.