Found Photos #10: Parties I Wasn't At

I'm 40+ years old and I'm beginning to accept that all my good parties are far off in the rear-view mirror. I know this sounds depressing, but it's not.  I've had my fair share of throw-downs, full of respectable levels of debauchery and vice. But for some reason, if I were to repeat those performances today at this age, it would no longer be viewed as wild fun, but rather sort of sad and cause for alarm (akin to Vince Vaughn et al in Old School trying to relive his salad days). You can't go back.

(insert sounds of violins playing)

Anyway, in a rather pathetic attempt to look back on better days, I've uncovered a handful of found photographs from parties long ago passed.

I think I've posted these couple 'o' photos before, but they deserve a repeat.  There's something about these party-goers rolling beer bottles with their noses that makes me smile.

Methinks the fella' in the blue vest may have had one too many.  He looks significantly older than everyone else at the gathering. "Who invited Craig's pothead older brother to this party, anyway?"

Ahhh. Standing around awkwardly at an office party isn't so bad when there's miniskirts aplenty. 

Guy on phone: "Ma, I'm gonna be late at the library.... No, everything's okay.  Please don't worry..... No, I didn't wear my sweater, but I've got a jacket on.... Talk you later, ma..... What's that noise? That's just the microfiche, ma.... I said it's called a MICROFICHE...."

Sweet sassy mo'lassy.  Why can't I get invited to parties where chicks walk around dressed like this? Instead, I get office parties which consist of awkward conversations followed by more awkward conversations.  (Insert violin music again)

Kids take note: You know you're at a good party when (A) there's a drunk chick dressed as a French maid and (B) there's giant bottles of Schweppes. Either one is a dead giveaway.

The notation on this photo is "Sadie Hawkins Day 1960".  I can't tell what the hell is going on, but it looks like a helluva lot of fun.

Once again, I'm at a complete loss as to what's going down at this party.  There's a hot gypsy disrobing, a devil-guy reading something, and a boom box on the floor.  I'd love to hear an explanation to this one -  if you were at this party, drop in a comment!

And here's a few more mystery parties for your viewing pleasure.  Cheers!

Party's over. Ya'll go home now. The end. (hiccup)


  1. Think of all the parties you ever attended...now how many of them were any good?

  2. I would have asked, "Who invited Eric Idle to this party anyway?"

    1. I was thinking Alan Partridge- uncanny resemblance!

  3. I think pancakes were being served at a few of these parties.

  4. I went to a party where one of the guests was in a French maid costume and was drunk. She asked me to take her home, lucky me.

    I have a confession to make: I have a crush on the woman in the yellow dress in the 5th picture. I've seen her before on Retrospace in other threads. Attractive face, nice smile, great legs. She's probably a grandmother, but could still rock a mini, since legs are the last to go.

    I'm so embarrassed...

  5. I was never really able to enjoy college/frat parties with stupid music and even stupider drunk kids, so I missed a lot of that stuff during my "party years". And I too seem to be past the party age, which is a shame because I still really want to go to a good party! At a home somewhere with a nice sunken 70s living room, shag carpeting, those sectional sofas, some interesting people and decent booze.

    I found this blog the other day and have really enjoyed it, being a kid of the 70s. It's a maligned decade but there was some genuinely good stuff in it, especially the music, which I'm slowly rediscovering.

  6. Nerd note: The pictures under "Sadie Hawkins Day 1960" actually look like a High School play of " Lil' Abner" Sadie Hawkins Day is one of the scenes from the play. The Gypsy looks like some sort of costume party I was never invited to.Looks like the guy is a football player.

  7. AnonymousMay 06, 2012

    I think that photo you called an "office party" was more likely a wedding reception. Note the champagne bottle and champagne glass.

  8. It look's like there is a bit of 'WIFE SWAPPING' going on at these parties Paul.....are you sure you were NOT there?

  9. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    Good time at party: when drunk woman flirts openly with you and gives you her phone number
    Bad time after party: when you call now-sober drunk woman the next day, and she doesn't remember giving you her phone number.

  10. Hi Gilligan, this is the first time I've addressed you by name in one of my comments. I can explain why these parties seem so much more fun and pancake-filled than the ones you and the rest of us got to go to.

    They took place before the era of AIDS.

    Believe me, that was a game-changer. Thanks to it, the kind of good frolicking and pancake mayhem you see in these photos are gone forever. :(

  11. *Wanders by*

    While I'm a bit too young to have partaken in most of these parties, my parents were certainly enjoying themselves at similar ones. So I can sort of answer a couple of your questions:

    Sadie Hawkin's Day. From 'Lil Abner; a day was proclaimed when the women chased the men, to give the ugly women a chance to marry whoever she caught. Lots of hotels and summer bungalow colonies would have their own Sadie Hawkin's Day back in the late 60s/early 70s. All those guys in your pic are trying to get away from those "man hungry" women (note most of them are barefoot, like the women in the comic). When I was young and we spent the summers in the bungalow colonies in Sullivan County, NY, one of the colonies would have their own Sadie Hawkin's day. Everyone got involved. I have pics of me as a 7 yr old and an 8 yr old getting "married" to the boys that I caught on each successive summer. I believe I crawled under a bungalow to catch one of them.

    In the disrobing pic, that's not a gypsy. It's Raggedy Anne (which makes it even more bizarre IMHO). Not sure why she is taking her bloomers off, but I suspect it's a party game and has something to do with the sheet Birthday Devil is reading.