Mini Skirt Monday #109: Mini ABC's

Miniskirts have been used to inspire guys to buy everything from floor polish to roll-on deodorant.  So, here's a thought: How about using them to inspire learning? It's about time we used their vast power for Good. And God knows there's a lot of Americans who can't read, and probably plenty of full grown adults who don't even know their ABC's.  So, I'm proud to do my part in the education of Americans. To those of you who are struggling with our alphabet - You're Welcome. Let the learning begin.

A is for Air Conditioning Units

B is for Beer Stein

C is for Colonnade

D is for Duct Tape

E is for Equestrian

F is for Folk Singers

G is for Granite

H is for Hooka

I is for Interracial Dating

J is for Jackhammer

K is for Kodiak

L is for Liberty Bell

M is for McDonald's

N is for Nerds

O is for Overhead Projector

P is for Place Kicker

Q is for Queen

R is for Rebels

S is for St. Bernard

T is for Tuba

U is for Uniform

V is for Van de Graaff Generator

W is for Wife Beater

X is for X-Mas

Y is for Yield

Z is for Zoo


  1. You can drool over the minis - I'm in love with the lamp in B. I've got a thing for vintage/retro lamps.

  2. A-Z is a great idea.

    Your blogroll appears to have disappeared. Is that on purpose? I use that to check on what others that I don't follow are posting about.

    1. Intentional but just temporary. I was doing some experimenting. Blogroll is back, but seriously needs some updating.

  3. I just ran across a mini for you - maybe for a future album cover post (unless you want to go with B for Bulgarian 80s Band next time around)


  4. Great idea.

    My favorite - R is for rebel. The South will rise again!!!

    From a Canadian supporter of re-establishing the CSA.

  5. Oh and another thing - the babe to the left in the introductory picture has great thighs. And I like the Mary Tyler Moore-esque hair flip the two girls are wearing.

  6. My wish....P for panty shot!

  7. H is for Hooka! How about H is for Hilarious.

  8. Excellent idea, numbering or lettering the pics.

    Girl holding the D-uct Tape is cute beyond words.

  9. The guy in the hookah shot looks like a young Juan Garcia Esquivel.

  10. Ummmm....I don't think those are girls in "L"...just look at the faces, I think they are dudes in drag....