Retrospace Mix Tape #22: Name Songs

In my never ending attempt to diversify your playlists, here's another round of off-the-beaten-tracks with names in their title.  Those of you with iTunes filled to the brim with songs like "Hotel California" and "Stairway to Heaven" may be in for a bit of a shock.  Just repeat to yourself that not everything entering your auditory canal needs to have been a big hit.  Sometimes you have to jump off the fairway and hunt around in the rough because the hidden gems often are the sweetest.

And God knows there's been "name songs" a plenty over the years: "Mandy", "Hey Jude", "Joanna" (Kool & the Gang), "Think of Laura" (Christopher Cross), "Barbara Ann", "Angie", "Peg", "Daniel", etc.  Here's a bunch of name songs that perhaps you haven't heard.  Granted, most of them aren't exactly the greatest songs ever recorded, but maybe somewhere in this list you'll find that hidden gem buried in the rough.

Sample Tracks:

Sally by Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas was actually Dave Thomas' (SCTV, Strange Brew) younger brother. This song is a textbook example of that late seventies cock rock, full of rock star posturing and macho Canuck swagger.

Lucinda by The Knack
The band that will forever be associated with the name song "My Sharona", released a number of good recordings that never even grazed the charts - count this name song among them.

Song of Lita by Lou Christie
Everyone remembers "Lightning Strikes"; however, most will care to forget this strange little number.  I include it as a sample to warn you that many of these songs are unbearably awful, but, like this song, oddly fascinating.  Also, the sound quality isn't the best on this track and several others - but such is often the case from old records that have never had an official 'digital remastering'.


Artist Title Year
The Burbank Strings Theme For Elaina 1964
Comus Diana 1971
Ross McManus Patsy Girl 1964
Ian Thomas Sally 1978
Status Quo Claudie 1973
Dale McBride Barbara 1964
Chris Rainbow Dear Brian 1978
Eddie Holland Brenda 1964
John Prine Sam Stone 1971
Jefferson Starship Caroline 1974
Round Robin Kick The Little Foot Sally Ann 1964
David Gates Ann 1973
Lou Christie Song Of Lita 1966
Chopper Eddie 1979
Leigh Stephens Joannie Mann 1969
Sam Riddle Angela Jones 1966
Canterbury Tayles Angie 1966
Fanny Butter Boy 1975
Stealers Wheel José 1972
Minny Pops Monica 1979
Paul Stookey Sebastian 1971
Spooky Tooth Moriah 1973
The Coachmen Gabrielle 1967
Chad Mitchell Suzanne 1967
Michael Nesmith & The First National Band Rene 1971
Jimmie Spheeris Esmaria 1971
Justin Hayward Marie 1977
The Magpies Maisy 1967
John Barry Peter Franks 1971
Today's Special Krista 1968
The Zebra Miss Anne 1968
Fountain Of Youth Liza Jane 1969
The Great Love Trip Noah 1969
Kiki Dee Jimmy 1970
Barry Manilow Sandra 1974
Eric Carmen Hey Deanie 1978
Good Rats Gino 1979
Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson Angeline 1979
James Gang Alexis 1973
Janis Ian Jesse 1972
Juicy Lucy Jessica 1971
Knack Lucinda 1979
Robin Trower Alethea 1975
Steve Miller Band Sweet Maree 1976


1) I'm well aware "Butter Boy" by Fanny has no business being in this mix. My bad. No idea how that wound up getting in there.  Consider it a "bonus track".

2) "Monica" by Minny Pops may easily be the worst song ever recorded.  The group can be somewhat forgiven because they were an Amsterdam electronic band and, thus, expected to be weird.

3) "Peter Franks" by John Barry is from the Diamonds Are Forever soundtrack


  1. Points for including John Prine and Good Rats. And yeah, Lucinda really is a top notch song.

  2. It's about time you started doing the Mixed Tapes again. Some of these songs are true gems and haven't been heard from in a long time. Thank you for the rare and scratchy goodies,Gilligan. Budd

  3. One that I have always loved, but you seldom hear, is "Roberta" by Billy Joel.
    It was from his pre-commercial days. Street-life Serenade, I believe.

    Good work. Hidden jems are often treasures worth seeking.

  4. Thanks for introducing me to a Lou Christie song I had never heard. A bit wilder and more frightening than some of his other songs, but definitely coming from the same place. And he was Italian (born Lugee Geno Sacco), so perhaps that explains it!

    Also, Ross McManus, for those who didn't know, was Elvis Costello's father, and this was his only hit--in Germany!

    1. Correction: Luigi Alfredo Giovanni Sacco

      My memory of the liner notes for the Lightnin' Strikes LP failed me!

  5. I've downloaded twice and it has problems unzipping. Tried two different methods. I end up with 43 songs instead of 44.

  6. Cool, bonus mega points for including Diana by Comus! They've reformed and are releasing new music BTW.

  7. It would be cool if in the middle of about every 5th song the track faded out and you heard the 'click' of the channel changing, and then the song fades back in like the old 8-tracks....

  8. Haven't managed to unzip the files; keeps saying that I'm not allowed to. These Macs are really becoming increasingly fascist.

    1. I would probably do a mix tape a week if it weren't for the headaches that come after each posting. Generally, it's Rapidshare's fault - but to be honest, they are probably the best file sharing biz out there. They're expensive and often hard to work with, but their not full of viruses, spam and porn like seemingly all the others.

      I'm going to assume the problems with this mix tape are not all encompassing given that 99 percent of the downloads seem to have worked. Everyone let me know if I'm wrong - it wouldn't be the first time.

    2. Given the amount of traffic you send Rapidshare's way, I'm surprised that they're even charging you.