Retrospace Podcast #28


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Track List

  1. Dating advice from The Shagri-Las w/ Goblin - Suspiria
  2. Happening '68 clip
  3. Muriel cigars "Pick one up and smoke it sometime"
  4. ABBA's "Waterloo" (French Version)
  5. Star Wars radio spot
  6. Hong Kong Phooey theme
  7. Kidd Video TV them (1984)
  8. "Everybody Needs a Proper Education" by Mikey Dread (Dread at the Controls vinyl rip)
  9. Disneyland "soda time dance"
  10. 1976 Aussie radio segment w/DJ
  11. "Up Up and Away" clip from The Sounds of Jack Downes
  12. Fall Guy TV theme
  13. "Peace Pipe" - BT Express
  14. Elevator Music - "Summer Sunny Holiday" (fade out)


  1. Great stuff as always!

    What program do you use to make your podcasts? I'd like to create my own and am curious what software is out there to do it. Thanks!

    1. I use Audacity. Kind of a pain to learn, but it's free and does everything you'll need it to do.

      Let me know when you've made your podcast. I'd like to check it out.

  2. Ms. Blue satin hot pants Ooh la la...

  3. Well, obviously I am late to the party here. And I'm hooked. Are the older podcasts still available for download? I wasn't able to get anything below # 18 on itunes. Absolutely a killer site!