Ads #49

Hey, look, ladies! Chicks from all walks of life are using Playtex tampons. Stewardesses, housewives, college babes, smoking hot models, sexy nurses, gorgeous secretaries, and even that sexy number next door are using Playtex - so, shouldn't you be?

In all seriousness, this advertisement is remarkable in that it attempts to illustrate a cross section of all women, and yet it seems, by today's standards, comically chaevenistic in its narrow view.  I love it.  I guess they didn't have room to include waitresses or go-go dancers.

Saying "We are a lot more than rooms" begs the question "What are you then, besides rooms?" The picture not so subtly answers the question: We are tennis, golf, swimming and HOT CHICKS IN BIKINIS. This is a textbook example of the "sex sells" approach.  Well played, Ilikai.  Well played.

I don't remember these.  They seem ahead of their time, quite frankly.  Years before the Hot Pocket and Toaster Strudel was the Snackwich.  I wonder why this never caught on - perhaps, the eggs and bacon didn't taste too swell? If any of you had these, let me know in a comment how they tasted.... were they really "ho-ho-wholesome"?

In include this advertisement because it contains the glorious quote: "Whee! They're flushable, too!" 

The ad reads: "Imagine trying to connect your head bone to some cute boy's shoulder bone."  Ummmm...... if these gals in minis aren't careful, they might end up connecting to some cute boy's..... other bone. And there won't be anything "funny" about that.


  1. Those red checkered boots are about the coolest things I've ever seen in my life!

    1. The Tampex ad brought to mind a news item from last week- that, for the first time, non-Caucasian births in the US outnumber Caucasian. I think I can find two non-whites among all the women shown in that ad. In fact, the title board for this site only has two non-whites as well, and one of them is a Wookie (the other I think is a frog-like creature, or perhaps a hat. I can't tell).
      Will changing demographics further provide distance between the two generations post-WWII as social networking and limited shared experiences change our culture and identity? Will they baulk, as the NY Times inquired, at paying to educate and provide for those less like them in the future?

    2. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

      Agreed that the checker boots are so awesome!
      The first Playtex ad is so funny. So the women back then were only waitresses nurses models housewives...etc? That's humiliating and stereotype!

  2. Also, only college girls and models were allowed to wear pants.

  3. Where to start...There is so much material to poke fun at. Why do I want to Photoshop Gay Focker in the middle of the nurses? What part of the green giant made that hole? (BTW-there is a company that makes PB&J sandwiches like this - human hand never touched it - and they said robots weren't supposed to hurt us!) The resort is clearly an ad for men who like BIG women. Whoa! Funny bones was designed to do exactly what you think is inappropriate...kinda like Twister standing up. I am working on bed sheets with the twister board printed on them. Should be good for the college set.

  4. The Green Giant "Snackwiches" reminds me of another lost food inovation of the 70's, the "Electric French Fry". French fries you made in the toaster. Anybody remember that?

  5. Did anyone else notice that every group of women in the first ad is portrayed as hot except for the housewives? And I want to get me one of those Green Giant grilled cheese sandwiches...

  6. How is it that the Snackwitches never caught on? To be honest I've never even heard of them, but the idea seems genius!

  7. I remember Snackwiches! As soon as I saw that ad I could actually remember what they tasted like. They were...okay. The bread part was kind of weird - it was like it was 100% crust.

    Oh, and "New Freedom"? NOT flushable. Thirteen years old, on vacation in Solvang, California, 1973...I'll spare you the gory details.

  8. Of course the Ilikai is more than just rooms...it's Steve McGarrett on the roof.