Retrospace Needs Help

I really hate asking for donations - the beauty of the blog is that it is free.  If I want to pay to read something, I'll buy a book or a magazine.  I repeat: blog = free.

That being said, it's unfortunately not free on my end.  I have to pay for the file sharing space, the image hosting, the equipment to scan material, and the vintage material itself. I don't expect you to feel sorry for me - there's no gun to my head to do this.  I do it because I love it.  This is a hobby and I could quit at any time.

The advertising in the sidebar does help with costs.  However, I never wanted Retrospace to turn into a legitimate business, so I don't actively pursue advertisers (and Google Ads are pitiful to say the least).  I'd rather spend my time creating new material than marketing this thing. Subsequently, I've been having to come out of pocket a good bit lately.  It's a price I'm willing to pay to do something I love...... however, there comes a point where you ask yourself if it's worth it.

I started doing this in the summer of 2008, and I've been consistently posting ever since.  A lot of effort goes into this stuff - I don't even want to think how much time I've invested in this blog. It's been a labor of love in every sense of the word - and the thousands of comments and emails I receive has made it that much more rewarding. The fact that literally millions of people have taken the time to rea

So, I'm going to leave this post up for a couple days and give you folks an opportunity to put a few bucks in the tip jar.  Perhaps, with your help, we can put some more gas back in this hot rod and cruise for a couple more years.  Thanks in advance.


  1. Just put my bit in the jar. With almost 1500 followers, this site should be raking it in

  2. I don't have a paypal account and I paid off my credit cards and cut them up into little pieces a few years back. Is there another way to donate? I can't afford much, but like Keir said, with almost 1500 followers....

  3. Great site - you have my support!

  4. Virtual61May 18, 2012

    I adhered ...

  5. Thanks to everyone who donated. I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of contributions coming in. I could always use more (rubbing hands together greedily), so please continue to give if you want to support this site.

    This isn't something you can deduct from your taxes, so I'm extra honored to receive such pure and genuine tokens of your appreciation. My tip jar overfloweth and I am so incredibly appreciative. Perhaps now, we can keep this boat afloat another few years. Thank you!

  6. RetrofanMay 18, 2012

    Proud to support the home of Miniskirt Mondays.