RIP Richard Dawson

Donna Summer and Robin Gibb.... now Dawson? Our seventies icons are hitting that age where, I imagine, it won't be long before we start hearing of more seventies heavyweights passing away.  I don't intend to reflect every time we lose a childhood hero - my philosophy has always been that Retrospace should be about keeping their spirit alive rather than contemplating their death.

That being said, Dawson has been a personal hero since I was a wee lad.  Like Dino and Frank, he was the epitome of cool; suave, intelligent, witty, and personable.  In fact, I posted on Dawson back in 2009 extolling his unrivaled coolness.

I enjoyed him on Hogan's Heroes, but it was on The Match Game that he shined.  Of course, you can't forget his hosting of The Playboy Roller Disco and Pajama Party on ABC (With musical entertainment provided by Chuck Mangione and the Village People).

Combine that with the fact that he was married to Diana Dors and released a psychedelic album that would've made Syd Barrett proud, and you're talking about one major league badass.  When you consider he was a boxer and a British Merchant Marine, Dawson goes off the charts into the stratosphere of cool.

Here's to you Mr. Dawson.  Cheers.


  1. He was great on both Match Game and Family Feud. Watched many, many hours of Mr. Dawson. He will be missed.

    And yeah, we are losing the greats of that time faster and faster now. :(

  2. I always think about this Family Feud clip when I hear his name: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J05Dzd_8OjE

    It may have been a dumb answer, but it was all about poor Richard, especially when the second contestant came up...

    Here's another outstanding one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdVuEpD9_IY

  3. Oh man! He was indeed a real man and very, very cool.

  4. I believe there is only a few actors left alive that appeared on Hogan's Heroes.

  5. I feel like I've lost a cool great-uncle. My entire childhood is framed by Hogan's Heroes, Match Game and Family Feud. Sad to lose him...

  6. Great tribute, and loved the older post about him. I only really remember him from "Family Feud" - had no idea he was this much of a legend.

  7. I stand in awe of anyone who bonked Diana Dors.

  8. On the Playboy show, he spent a good amount of time pursuing, to comical effect, *the* Bunny of the moment: Dorothy Stratten. There are a number of photos online of her and Dawson together, with Paul Snider leering nearby.