Ads #53: Cosmetics & Perfume

1981 lipstick ad
The timeline continued...
8AM Wake up naked and alone in bed.  Overcome by feelings of guilt and self loathing. 

8:30 AM Cry bitterly in shower.

9AM Leave twelve messages on his answering machine.  Call him a "stinking son of a bitch" in last message.

11:30 AM Drinks at the world famous St. Regis Hotel.

She's not going to marry the boy next door. She's going to marry the rebel with mental problems and plenty of emotional baggage.  She'll need plenty of Senchal to mask his alcohol infused stench.

I'm not as innocent as I seem.  I'm a dirty girl so I use lip gloss named "Wicked Watermelon" and "Peppermint Pleasure".  Coming soon: "Nympho Nectarine", "Tropical Tramp", "G-Spot Grape", "Loose Lemonade", "Fruity Fornicatress" and "Sour Blue Razzberry Slut".

This ad is from a 1974 issue of My Romance Magazine. Bold eye shadow and liner with thick eye lashes - I think it was a good look, don't you? Here's a couple more...

May 1975

A great way to sell beauty products to women is to have naked women in the ads, right? Here's a few examples.... I could easily fill a post with more (but I'll save that idea for a rainy day).

Yanbal is the Latin American version of Avon.  It's still around and more successful than ever - but I like these ads from thirty years ago.  "Ding-Dong Yanbal Calling!"



  1. Shouldn't it be "Fruity Fornacatrix"?

  2. Those Maybelline Kissing Slicks were the worst! They were so sticky and gross. Forget it if you got caught in a windstorm and your hair flew over your face...you were gonna pull a sticky lock of hair off your lips and have to try to comb that crap out. I know because I had to comb that crap out (it was Wicked Watermelon, actually) of my hair sitting in English class in junior high.

    However, Great Lash Mascara is STILL the best on the market. I've tried 'em all and I always go back to it.

    Love the old cosmetic & perfume ads, Gilligan - keep 'em coming!

  3. Wow, the "blonde down to your toes" lady has long, scary toe claws! Yuck!

  4. What is this Senchal smells like? I really want to try it, that bottle is so much fun! :)


  5. NIce Picture and hope it will be great perfume...

  6. Yanbal sold Jean Nate, apparently...and in the U.S. Kiku was marketed by Faberge.