Album Covers #24

I don't know what this Jumbo album cover means..... I just know it's the coolest illustration to ever grace a record bar none.  I want this in every classroom in America for all kids to pledge allegiance to. I want every man, woman and child to meditate upon it.  This needs to be framed by the hearth in every home and emblazoned upon billboards across this land. Some day this cover will be decoded and it will save the world.

And now prepare for more vinyl cover greatness...

Good Lawd.  Does every country have its own Jerry Lewis?  It's no wonder Dino drank so much - anything to dull the pain.

This is how anal I can be:  the black girl's right boot is slightly covering the "e" in "America", leading us to believe she is in the foreground.  Yet, there's this huge chasm between the "m" and the "e".  Is this some sort of weird M.C. Escher optical illusion?  Nope. It's just bad design.

I do like how Paradise is super-multicultural, but without a Hispanic it just feels like something's missing.  Are they trying to say it's Paradise without Hispancs? Paradise is racist!

It doesn't look like our lady is enjoying her pork fat on a stick.  No really, I'm not comfortable with cotton candy that's not dyed, preferably with some bright pink carcinogenic toxin.

I like Rick Worrall, he is as irritated by jugglers as I am.

Looks like the Rising Sons need to get acquainted with the actual rising sun. From the looks of things, these three pasty fellas haven't seen daylight in quite some time.

Let's see if we can piece together the clues: 3 guitars, a tent, a girl with ice cream, a parrot, a (blood?)stain under his left boot, a motorcycle, palm trees, and roller skates.... and his name can be rearranged to spell "Deludes" (minus the "K").

Would someone out there please devote their life piecing this together?  It would mean a lot to me.

Hey, look... it's the Roofie Fairy!

Quick Facts

  1. The drummer is obviously in the wrong room.  Mister Mister is in the class next door.  Easy mistake.
  2. "Rockin in the classroom" sounds terrible. Try dropping the "in" and just do "Rockin the classroom" instead.  You're welcome.
  3. The crazy man in the black 'n' red duds in the back is violently masturbating.  Just thought I'd let you know.
  4. The bass player on the right is a young Bill Mahr.
  5. If a real teacher dressed like this for a high school class, 1 out of every 5 male students would die.  It's no laughing matter, folks.
  6. Only years later would they learn the lead guitarist (center) was a retarded sex offender
  7. The lead singer is a young Rob Corddry


  1. IRT Paradise, Hispanics can be any ethnicity, so let's just say the blonde is from Spain, the one in the middle is from Peru, and the black woman is from the Dominican Republic.

    Hispanics Rule!!!

  2. The only thing missing from that LES DUDEK album cover, would be some kind of ridiculously over-sized firearm in his hand. Then it would be perfect. Somebody call Quentin Tarantino - The world needs an action movie, revealing the wild n' crazy retro bad ass adventures of LES DUDEK. There's an amazing story waiting to be told, right there in that album cover. Just look at it.

  3. The Les Dudeck cover just looks like a typical day at Venice Beach CA to me.

  4. If I ever find the Jumbo cover at a garage sale, I'm getting it! Even if I have to knock over 3 old women looking at the Percy Faith albums. There isn't a garage sale in Kansas that doesn't have Percy Faith albums, I'm convinced.

  5. I need to Google that Les Dudek guy!

  6. Whoa! Les Dudek had a relationship with Cher??!!

    1. I think everyone in the 70's did.

  7. I saw that DC Star album cover on the Zeta website and never noticed the title. Man, "Rockin' IN the Classroom" is really irritating. And that City Girls - Jumbo album cover would be an awesome black velvet tapestry.

  8. The last time I heard of Les Dudek, the radio DJ said "Les Dudek, more music".

  9. I picked up another of those Klaus Wunderlich "Hammond Pops" albums not long ago.

  10. Les Dudek was a guest guitarist with the Allman Brothers on the "Brothers and Sisters" album. He's the second lead guitar on "Ramblin' Man."

    He's also played with Steve Miller, Boz Scaggs and Black Rose, a band feturing his then girlfriend, Cher.

    Scott Lovrine

  11. I like how the W in Worrall perfectly mirrors the M in Madness. Little touches go a long way - for a counterexample, not only are there major kerning problems with "Back to America," they clearly just grabbed some precursor to Harlow Solid Italic and called it a day. Then they posed walking up some steps and had someone composite everything interesting out of the picture, in favor of some mealy non-color background.

    (Charlie and DC Star may have used the same exact font for their album titles, but they also used their entire photo, and showed at least some rudimentary composition skill.)

    Granted, font choice wasn't nearly as easy back in the 70's as it is today, but still. Les Dudek went through the trouble of hiring someone to hand-letter his name in radial arches over a scroll background, and stencil actual letters onto an actual curb somewhere. He had to hire out a damn parrot. He had to struggle to keep a straight face when the parrot started telling him naughty jokes during the shoot. That there is a professional, dadnabit.