Mini Skirt Monday #122: Pants vs. Minis

Hey, girls. Want to be the one the guys are looking at in a group? Wear a miniskirt.

Want to blend into the scenery instead? Wear pants.

Okay, I'm oversimplifying.  But like it or not, there's certainly some truth in what I'm saying.  I'd love to see the Harvard psychology department do a study with the following photographs.  Take a test group of self-proclaimed heterosexual males and have them look at the pictures and track where their eyes gravitate and linger.

And before I'm scolded let me say that you, as a female, may very well be comfortable enough in your own skin to not give two shits if guys are undressing you with their eyes.  In fact, it may be something you are trying to avoid.  If so, more power to you.  But that doesn't change the scientific certainty that the gal in the mini will be the one male eyeballs will hover over, whilst the gals in slacks are just background noise.

And one last point.  (Note: The more readers Retrospace gets, the more nitpicking emails I get). I understand the hypothetical scenario of an intensely unattractive woman in a miniskirt alongside a gorgeous woman in tight jeans. There's always exceptions to the rule.

When this gets published in some scientific journal.  I want my name somewhere on that paper.  Now, let the experiment begin...

Yes, guys. If you concentrate hard enough, you'll find there's actually a girl on the far right wearing pants.  If you can't focus long enough to see her, just trust me.  She's there.

Warning: The male brain ignores the females in pants so forcefully and darts the eyeball so quickly over to the right, that any test subjects actually pulled an ocular muscle while viewing the next picture.
The picture above is actually an optical illusion.  The girl in the pants is actually in the center of the photograph, but your brain literally pushes her to the periphery.  Amazing.

Now let's test this theory on miniskirts versus long dresses.  The results may or may not be as consistent as they are with pants.  We are still in the early stages of the analyses and there is still much work to be done.



  1. Even taking into account that your test subjects are all here to see mini-skirt Monday and not pants Monday or long skirt Monday I would have to say that in my case anyway my eyes glued to the minis first and longest by far. I also conclude from this post but from previous posts as well that the best designers of women's fashion of the late sixties and early seventies were involved in designing minis and the design of many of these pants, on the other hand, leave a great deal to be desired. A great deal. Anonymous Phil.

  2. Wear stockings instead of miniskirts!!!

  3. Might be mixed causation. In the majority of these pix, the mini girls are PHYSICALLY in front of the pants girls, and their gestures and faces show dominance. The pants girls are more or less hiding behind the mini girls.

    I suspect the girls who wanted and liked attention were the ones who wore minis.

    This agrees with what I remember from that era. Shy girls, and those who had succumbed to the idiot feminist idea that The Male Gaze is an Evil Death Ray, avoided minis.

  4. How did you manage to get so many pictures of the Manson girls, that's what I would like to know. I mean, they were either locked up for chopping people to bits or singing on a street corner; not a lot of time to pose for what look to be yearbook photographs...

  5. I recall a high school teacher telling me about when she started teaching in the late 1960s-early 1970s, and how she noticed there was a night and day difference in boys' attention levels on days when she wore a skirt to school. At first she figured she was doing a really good job teaching, until she figured out they were paying far more attention to her legs than geometry.

    1. Absolutely. Having been fortunate enough to be in junior high and high school during the days of the mini, I'm still surprised I learned anything, focusing more on the legs of my teachers than the material. I'm proud to say that as a mature student who was able to hold more than one idea in my head at one time, I was able to focus on the material, and the legs of two of my professors.

  6. In 11, breastiness trumps legginess, so I noticed the 2 leftmost girls first.

    In 22, it's pretty hard to NOT notice opposing-stripes girl first, then the girl who appears to be ready to tweak opposing-stripes girl's nipple, and finally the mini-wearing girls.

    So yes, most of the time a mini wins, but here's scientific proof that there are circumstances when that is not true.

  7. I have great memories of the golden age of mini skirts. Thank God, I had forgotten all about the ugly plaid bell bottom pants!!! Mini skirts are timeless!!

  8. I guess it boils down to, if it's female and exposed, we guys will look! No matter what our situation.

  9. I think I found Hanson Hall! https://www.montevallo.edu/housing/hanson.shtm

  10. #6: The guy looks like a caricature of a brainy asian exchange student. Still he was probably dreaming of the girl to the far left when his homework was done.

  11. Magic KennyAugust 06, 2012

    #32: Tom Sellick wannabe with porn 'stache thinkin' "Pancakes" with girl wearing her mother's front room throw rug.

  12. The corollary to this is that the eye is repulsed by the ugliness of most of the pants being worn here. It settles on the miniskirt, not as a lustful thing, but as a calming, aesthetically pleasing item. Instead of the eye being drawn to the mini, it is instead fleeing the image of the pants.

    ...that's my story, officer, and I'm sticking to it.

  13. Clearly, women in minis and women in pants could coexist with each other...

    #27--does a time-traveling Jack Black really have a shot with ANY of them?

  14. Another scientific study should focus on the fact that a short skirt is much more interesting than shorts (pants) of the same, or even shorter length. And Barb E, got bless her, in my high school class, wore short-shorts under a very short skirt. You couldn't see the shorts, unless she bent over (actually, she lifted her hem to show me... when I regained consciousness, I realized she was wearing shorts), but the fact that the shorts were there was the reason her mother let her out of the house in the skirt. Go figger.

    1. Had a similar thing happen to me (with a different girl, of course) -- except she *unbuttoned* her skirt to show me the matching hot pants.
      I think she was trying to tell if a 17 year-old could have a heart attack.

  15. Picture #21, with the plaid patterns and the alternating, legs, pants, legs theme, gave me a headache. Then when I looked at picture #22... my head exploded!
    No prob I'm ok. Another masterful idea for a mini collection. (As if a theme was needed.)

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