Mini Skirt Monday #123: Reading

Think of history's greatest combos - peanut butter & jelly, Lennon & McCartney, Simon & Simon.  Surely, the miniskirt & book ranks among them.  You have great works of fiction flanked by great works of fashion.  Great Books alongside Great Looks. High Art complementing High Hemlines. Legs 'n' Libraries.

So, I've decided to post a bunch of miniskirted gals and their reading materials. I've got so many to send your way, they won't fit in a single post.  So, enjoy Part One!


There's something special about a mini at a library. Maybe it's because things are quieter and move slower there, giving ample opportunity to focus.  And a librarian in a mini?..... don't get me started.  It's a miracle youth in the early seventies managed to get anything done at the library with such distraction.


He's got the beatnik beard, turtleneck and corduroy jacket.... hence the self-satisfied expression. I can't help but wonder whether he's supposed to be reading along with them but has his mind on other things.  Every rose has its thorn, and the miniskirt is no exception with its power to occupy and melt the male brain.


Evidently, the biography section was a popular spot for girls in minis.  The Dewey Decimal System never looked so good.


The young man's face in the back appears to be bursting with joy.  Indeed, he may have grown up to be a loser, but on this day he was truly king of the world.

“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”
― Groucho Marx




If you're paying attention, the hemlines of these library chicks are ridiculously high.  I'm not sure how the gal in the back functioned without exposing something.  This fella has a lot to smile about.






Ah, yes.  I read the hell out of MAD back in the day.  Seeing this has inspired me to perhaps do some MAD magazine posts - Cracked and Crazy weren't too shabby either.  This picture of MAD and two minis surely ranks as a favorite miniskirt photograph.









Mental Note: Remember to make notes after I scan pictures.  If I had, I might know what the hell is going on here.  I looked up the book "Living Letters" and there's some religious texts that may correspond to the book he's holding.  However, it doesn't explain her reaction.  Any guesses?


  1. Photo #13 I just happened to be looking at it via a 400% zoom, for ah no particular reason when I noticed that the book in the hands of the ladies who are sitting center and right front is titled International ____ Index. Looks like that middle word is nugging or nursing or what? Any ideas? Just curious.

    1. nursing

    2. Looks like "hugging"... Reminds me of the time I bought a book at a garage sale with the title "How to Hug". Got it home with much anticipation, and realized it was one volume from a set of encyclopedias.

    3. If it is indeed nursing than this is the best looking group of nurses I've seen since photo 61 of mini-skirt Monday #118 (legs crossed). By the way, the hugging comment is hilarious.

  2. Photo #23 - Perhaps he's taking her to task for wearing a miniskirt? Surely there's a passage in Paul's letter to the Corinthians about "thou shalt not wear dresses that end at the knee or higher"?

  3. "Letters" was a common synonym for Literature in academia. Maybe the book was an anthology of essays.

    Several of the pix show those institutional metal-and-vinyl seats that were everywhere on campus. Miniskirted bare legs tended to leave sweat on that vinyl, and tended to make unromantic fart sounds when moved. Not the most pleasant memory.... But then miniskirts were never intended for utility and practicality.

  4. Great pictures:)

    Greetings from polish librarian:)

  5. There used to be a Babes with Books blog many years ago run by a guy called Hardly Surton. Most of his pics were newer than these, but he always favored minis also.

  6. Also, I heard that Berkley had a library with glass floors (not anymore due to earthquakes). I bet that was really something during the miniskirt rage.

    1. Those floors were likely frosted glass, so you wouldn't see anything from a lower level.

  7. I know where photo #21 was taken. I work not too far from that building. That photo is out of a yearbook.

  8. I think the young lady in pic 23 is trying to describe the total epiphany she experienced while reading the book. "It was like my head was filling with light".
    He's pretending to read the cover intro while thinking, "nice elgs."

  9. Pic 10 needs syrup

  10. #4; that's not joy on his face. True, there might be some joy under the surface, base on what's going through his mind, but that look is pure psycho-evil.

    #15; yes, I'd vote for this one too as a favorite. Any chick that read Mad had a good head on her shoulders.

  11. Wow, love all these cute little outfits and cool shoes on the girls! Too bad young women don't dress so nice anymore...flip flops and yoga pants seem to be the standard of dress nowadays...very sad!

  12. For a future post how about: "eyeglasses and miniskirts"

  13. One of the local librarians is a 50-something who can still rock a mini. She caught me looking one day, smiled, and crossed those wonderful legs. A shame she's now driving the bookmobile, no doubt causing heart palpitations in the senior communities where she stops.

  14. "There's a girl sitting on a piano wearing a mini-skirt. Why that piano is wearing a mini-skirt I'll never know.". Retro Marx.