Retro Film Report #20: Sleepaway Camp II

Refreshingly fun slasher movie. Not for fans that need their horror intense - Hostel this is not.  Sleepaway Camp 2 so meticulously adheres to the slasher formula that it is in danger of being a parody of its own genre. It has everything you expect in a slasher film, lots of boobs and blood; however, the film just doesn't take it self very seriously, and thus neither will you.

Why review a sequel rather than start with the original? Folks, this is like missing an episode of The Love Boat. Trust me, it doesn't matter.

Rene Estevez plays the standard "good girl", who will undoubtedly become the lone survivor in a camp full of whores who must be killed.  Estevez is the daughter of Martin Sheen.

Bruce Springsteen's sister, Pamela Springsteen, plays an unstable camp counselor named Angela.  She's staunchly puritan and a maniacal overachiever (think Spongebob as fry cook).

Gratuitous Nudity, Thy Name Is Valerie Hartman.

Valerie Hartman plays "Ally", the designated bad girl of the movie.  I lost count how many times this girl removes her top.  I say this without exaggeration - she is a main character, yet spends more time on camera topless than with a shirt on.  Someone needs to time it and make a comparison.

In one incomprehensibly gratuitous scene Esteves is having a poolside conversation with her boyfriend when Ally inexplicably rises up from the water with a wet t-shirt.  Not complaining. Just wow.

Valerie would go on to do a single scene in "Cheers", a straight to video erotic thriller, and then she called it quits.  I don't know what became of her.

Perhaps, the most well known moment in the film is the notorious "Happy Camper Song" sung by Angela and a crowd of mocking campers....

Oh I'm a happy camper
I love the summer sun 
I love the trees and forest 
I'm always having fun 
Oh I'm a happy camper 
I love the clear blue sky 
and with the grace of God I'll camp until I die.

Another notable moment is the death of Ally.  In the scene pictured below, the audience is staring up from the bottom of one of those nasty outhouse toilets.

Of all the ways to go, this may be the worst.  Jigsaw and Jason can come up with some creative kills, but death by outhouse commode is pretty damn awful.  Ultimately, Ally pays for her sins by dying in a hole full of leaches and human excrement.  Unfortunately, the direction isn't very good so the overall scene ends up being, well...... kinda shitty.

There's really not much in the way of 80s pop culture to be found. If you can look away from Ally's side boob (as I said, she's rarely wearing a top), you'll notice the Poison album cover on the wall.

I will also mention that, in honor of  Rene Estevez, several characters were named after Brat Pack members.  There's Ally (i.e. Ally Sheedy), Estevez plays a character named Molly, and there's a couple guys named Charlie and Emilio.  There's also a Rob, Demi, Judd, Sean.... well, you get the point.  They went batshit crazy with the character names.

My favorite scene: The "slutty" girls are reprimanded by Angela for getting naked....

"What's Angela's problem? Who's gonna' see me anyway?"

"The Tit Patrol. That's who."



  1. why the name change from Gilligan to Boogie Pilgrim?

    1. It's temporary. Let's just say Google + sucks and leave it at that.

  2. Love it. It's one of those movies that's so stupid I can't stop watching it.

  3. While you don't need to see the first one, I always highly recommend it because it has one of the most WTF endings in slasher history. That just...that stays with you.

  4. I've just added this to my Netflix queue, based on this review. I had always avoided it because it was a sequel and I thought it must be bad. Also the old VHS box art was annoying showing crappy Spencer gift "hockey mask" and "freddy glove" in the backpack to imply those films were not scary, but this is real terror.