Retrospace Radio #29

A few announcements regarding the Retrospace Podcast....

First, it is now to be called Retrospace Radio.  It has annoyed me immensely over the past year or so that this isn't technically a proper podcast.  I don't ever talk - it's just music with various clips thrown in.  When I initially started these posts, I had every intention of recording myself - I even bought a mike.  That dream was short lived.  Let's just say, Johnny Fever I am not.  I sounded like Bob Ross on quaaludes.  It was awful and I've been sticking to the music ever since... but the title remained "podcast" until today.

Also, I am changing the format of these podcasts (now radio episodes).  In the past, they have been a beautiful tapestry of nostalgia - an admixture of commercials, movie clips, songs, TV themes, etc.  Needless to say, they took forever to make.  I could write ten posts in the time it took me to make a single podcast.    So, I am primarily sticking to just music, without a whole lot of bells and whistles.  This sucks, but on the upside I can now deliver podcasts much more frequently... and they'll be longer.  This one is thirty minutes.

And lastly, each episode will have a theme.  For instance, there will be episodes with songs only about drugs, TV theme episodes, porn soundtrack episodes, etc.  You get the picture.  To start with, we'll go with something simple - "instrumentals".  Enjoy.





  1. Anton Valotti - Spiro
  2. Max Harris - Hang Loose
  3. 'CHiPs' theme
  4. Paul Mauriat - Love is Blue
  5. Andre Ceccarelli - Gang Process
  6. Van Halen - Sunday Afternoon in the Park
  7. 'Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries' theme
  8. George Martin - Baron Samedi's Dance of Death (Live and Let Die OST)
  9. Brass Ring - the Dis-Advantages of You
  10. Link Wray - Viva zapatas
  11. Walter Wanderly - Summer Samba
  12. [clip: Frankly Fiona movie]
  13. 'The Girl from UNCLE' theme
  14. Hugo Montenegro - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  15. John Cameron - Mustang Part II
  16. 'Break the Bank' theme
  17. [record store radio commerical]
  18. Meco - Star Wars


  1. I LOVE TV Themes and can't wait for that one!

    And you got a problem with Bob Ross on Quaaludes?

  2. I'm saddened. I'll miss all the weird little clips thrown in. But whoa, VH's SAitP on the same mix as Meco's Star Wars. That's gold right there.

  3. What is the feed so I can download it to my iPhone? Thanks.

    1. Great question, Davidaq! I will add a subscription link to these posts from here on out.


  4. Boogie on Pilgrim - my gnarly synth sweet tooth has been pancaked.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up. Honestly, I've never listened to your podcasts, because I didn't want to sit and listen to someone talk. Now I'll be sure to listen!

  6. I don't have the right player to hear it...is the version of the CHiPs theme from the first season, or the discofied one used for the rest of the run?
    (and yes, I AM that pathetic to know there are two different ones)

  7. Awesome full version of CHiPs! It was a far supeior cop show to any of the over-acted, unbelievable BS on today - thanks to it being based on actual CHP records it was at least partially rooted in reality.