Comic Books #47: Spanked!

I'm sure you've heard me complain by now that my most popular post in four straight years of blogging is the one on "spanking". I can still remember throwing it together in the 15 minutes before my lunch break at work. Little did I know, it would exceed by leaps and bounds all my other posts - many of which I've spent hours putting together.

But that's neither here nor there. I'm back with another spank post - and this one I kind of found interesting. Call it a shameless attempt to attract the mojo of the first spank post - but the fact is, spanking in comics is actually a rather fascinating phenomena. Why? Because, once upon a time, it was all over the freaking place!  The number of times you find a good spank in a comic book is something approaching infinity.  There are whole blogs, forums and pages completely devoted to the comic spank. Wow!

So, in my daily effort to bring you the odd and interesting from our collective pop culture past, I couldn't very well leave this topic alone.  It had to be explored.  And explore it we shall...

Superman's going to be late, but he's simply got to stick around to see this fair queen get spanked.  I'm just grateful we can't see ol' Jor-El's hands.

Good luck finding a Western comic that didn't show a buxom gal getting spanked.  The most infamous cowboy spank is without a doubt The Duke giving it to Maureen O'Hara in McLintock.  All other Western spanks are pale imitations. 

From a Brenda Starr comic strip.that lasted about 70 years.  Not sure how Waldo the anteater fit into the equation.

I find it more than a little creepy that this photographer is so into The Dark Knight giving a chick a spank.  At least he's not givin' it to Robin.

You'll notice a trend here.  So often, the man proclaims that he's giving the girl something that should've been done long ago. I've no doubt that many of you readers are genuinely offended by this demeaning spectacle.  I'd love to shrug it off and say it was a different time.... and I'd love to get all indignant and appalled.  In the end, I guess I just don't care.  It's just a comic after all.

This and the next one come from Candy, a comic book from the late 40s and 50s.


God. This one just makes me feel awkward.  Easy does it, Mike.  She said she was sorry.

Combat Casey was a comic that took place during the Korean War.  Casey was a rough-and-ready fighting machine.... who evidently liked to spank the hell out of women.

"She was no more than a baby in his powerful arms..." Notice that so many of these panels illustrate the spank with stars, which I guess is what you'd expect.

Never mind the fact that the law didn't outlaw wife beating entirely; let's focus on the fact that it's got to be with something with a small diameter.  Those of you out there that have been hit in the ass with a switch can testify that a small width is of no consolation.

Damn, Daredevil.  You'd never see Aquaman acting like this.

Feature Comics 1949
For Lovers Only comic (1972)

Green Hornet No. 36 (1947)
Hit Comics (1948)

Intimate Confessions No. 7 (1951)

This reads like a fetish comic, but it's actually from Just Married No. 53 (1958)

Just Married No. 58 (1958)

Little Al of the Secret Service (1951)  "Perhaps the young man has the right idea!"

This Mary Worth comic strip may be my favorite of them all.  When the guy starts whacking this girl's behind, Miss Worth thinks this is a recipe for a long happy marriage!

A Moon A Girl Romance 1949
My Secret (1941)

Our Army at War No. 208

Me Tarzan you Jane.  Tarzan spank Jane.  Tarzan spank Jane real good.

Patsy Walker No. 5 (1946)

Popular Teenagers No. 10 (1952)

Teen Comics  No. 25

True Brides Experiences No. 16
Two Gun Kid

PEP comics No.59

Romantic Marriage No.18

Superman Sunday strip 1949

That's all folks!


  1. Candy's father looks like Adolf Hitler. Makes sense...

  2. Heh, Pat Ewing is reaching around to cop a feel as he smacks her ass.

  3. Well, at least one of those was a fetish comic because she said she deserved it and he said he was being paid to do it.

    *shrugs* 99% of those women seem to have done something bad. Many that Superman was spanking were villains, for instance. No doubt they preferred the spanking over getting thrown in prison where a lot worse could happen.

    I'm not saying that violence against anyone is a good thing, but I don't see the harm of a spanking if someone just told military secrets to the enemy that led to people dying.

    1. How was Superman able to spank a woman without cutting her in half?

    2. Same way he could punch a human based super villain without crushing their head to a pulp. He knew how much to hold back.

  4. Good night! It's staggering how many there are!

  5. Wow! Fifty shades of Awesome.

  6. Combat Casey appears to be spanking Glenn Close. He better keep an eye on his pet rabbit.

  7. Massachusetts law was the basis for the "rule of thumb."

  8. Awesome thread is awesome.

  9. "I couldn't sit down all night, after what that robot did to me."

    That has to be one of the all-time great lines from a comic. But it conjures up things I'd just as soon not think about...

  10. While it DOES seem to be a dominate theme in Male orientated cartoons and comic books, I wonder how often it appeared in those targeting girls?
    Lois Lane Comics for example. How often did Superman spank the vileness in THOSE ??
    Or any of the True Love and Modern Romance style comic books?

    Officially, of course, I am shocked and offended at such a display.
    Off the record, sometimes a girl likes a firm hand.
    Of the record of course.

    1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2016

      As is the case with the recent Jezebel of women being spanked in Hollywood movies the sheer bulk of all those spankings stringed together seems misogynistic. When you look at them individually and include the context - the clips show only the actual spankings - most of the women being spanked had earned it by hitting, kicking, or shooting at the man who subsequently spanked them. And in almost all cases the spankings led to the two of them making up and making love. Without being an expert on comic strips - as I am on old Hollywood movies - I suspect that something similar has happened where these spankings are concerned, and I agree with you that sometimes a firm hand spanking a female bottom is the only cure.

  11. Well, if I was that kid in "Suzie" and had a hot older woman in seamed stockings across my lap, spanking would be the last thing I would be thinking of, lol

  12. See www.chicagospankingreview.org for more where these came from.

  13. awesome comics they made.

  14. Omg! There are soo many, and it was considered normal! Ack...some of these are horribly offensive. Where do you find all your awesome material?

    Your blog is stupendous, my friend. Thank you so much.

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  16. it's better vto see women spanking men

  17. Mistress Jasmine gave sub Tony an intense flogging across his chest before cutting a hole in his pants with scissors, which were big enough to cut his hand off if she so wished. Then for a second Mistress admired his hard cock before also flogging it with mighty lashes.
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  18. the best one the one on the pannies the rest are on the dress they cant feel them

  19. AnonymousJuly 06, 2015

    Comic books are fucked up, man.

    Also, is the implication in that bubble gum one that this is a little girl in a woman's body? Because if so, that makes that one extra creepy.

  20. AnonymousJuly 04, 2016

    It's funny how spanking always has a good effect. Most ladies say "You wouldn't dare" and make a lot of noise while the spanking is going on, but after the spanking when she has realized that he really loves her, she is sweeter than ever. Of course - as in these comics - you should only spank the woman you love - and only if she has hit out at you or something like that.