Comic Books #48: Lone Eagle

If you are a fan of low-brow vintage art, you can't do much better than old school Spanish language comics.  Much like the American pulps, these things were often beautifully rendered depictions of sexually infused violence.  Like the grindhouse posters of the seventies and the drive-in movie posters of the fifties and sixties, they served one purpose: do whatever it takes to get your audience to shell out some cash, whether it be titillate or inspire morbid curiosity.  Appeal to the primal regions of the male brain before his left hemisphere takes over with its pesky logic.

Anyway, let's start with Aguila Solitaria as our first Mexican comic.  In future posts we'll be looking at a wide variety of other titles.  I think this is as good a place to begin as any...

Basically, Aguila Solitaria was a Mexican superhero that flies using artificial wings, is a marksman akin to Green Arrow, and knows 'the secrets of the eagles'.  (As a side note, he's also a big time stud).  And of course, his parents were killed by filthy gringos.

These villains certainly are interesting: stereotypical Indians - but with gorilla heads.  I can't decide if they're cool or unbelievably lame.  And what's with the "Guba!" I can't take them seriously as bad guys if they're going to spouting such things.  I've seen GUBA as an acronym for "good, ugly, bad and awesome"  and according to Wikipedia, it's also a prehistoric Hungarian coat.

Another "Lone Eagle" comic - and again with the feather bikini.  What a suave Spanish bastard he is - Antonio Banderas will have to play him in the movie adaptation.

If Pocahontas had been drawn like this, I might've gone to see the Disney film.  This Indian gal is packing a fine papoose.

It's interesting to note that in Spanish language comics, cowboys are quite often murdering rapists, whilst the Indians are the good ones.  A complete reversal from their American counterparts.  Don't expect to find Roy Rogers, Gene Autrry or the Lone Ranger in these comics!

Isn't it amazing how this girl's clothing has been torn asunder with only a few threads remaining, yet her 'naughty bits' manage to remain covered.

Wow. If that ain't phallic symbolism, I don't know what is.  Freud is famous for saying that sometimes a pipe is just a pip, but in this case that spike is most definitely an erect penis!


  1. Issue 595, Her mouth is left speechless at the sight, leaving her breasts to do the talking.

    1. Breasts talk to me all the time. Really. But chicks don't believe it.

  2. Magnificent.

  3. I can't beleive you didn't choose covers for issue 748 and especially 746