Fotonovelas #3: The Joker

I've been trying to learn Spanish for a while, but I'm a slow learner.  It helps if I'm reading something that's interesting - and these fotonovelas are perfect in that regard.  So, forgive my poor translations.

In this issue we are introduced to a smoking hot mamacita and her douchebag spouse. The story is called "El Bromista" (The Prankster or The Joker), referring to the guy who is beyond horrible when it comes to practical jokes.  How he ever managed to get this far in life without being punched to death is beyond me.

At first he tricks his coworker into thinking he's bludgeoned himself via some fake blood and a rubber hand.  Not surprisingly his fellow mechanic beats the hell out of him.

 "Don't be so damn dramatic.  Am I not your husband?"
"Still, I feel funny you seeing me like this."

And just when you think he can't make himself any more annoying, he plants a rubber snake in her bed.  Hiiiiiilarious.

This little gag is followed by him making her shower ice cold.  WTF? How did this guy ever manage to land a woman?  Can you imagine living day to day with this a-hole? Not until Ashton Kutcher would there be another human being this annoying.

A little snuggling and he makes it all better.

Fast forward to the next day as they are going for a little walk.  Dumbass decides to push her into oncoming traffic as another little gag.  Isn't he a riot?  She dies.

Well, I don't want to spoil the ending for those of you who choose to download the mag.  Suffice it to say, paybacks are hell.


  1. No bueno.

  2. It's better if you mentally replace El Bromista with the guy in the Bee Costume from the Simpsons.

  3. SCRRSSH!! works in any language

  4. Hey is that Jason Lee from My Name is Earl playing the part of 'fellow mechanic' in the first bw image?

    1. If so, I hope he's not obliged to make up for the bad karma of this whole book...

  5. i download the file but what to do with cbr extension file

  6. .cbr can be opened with a number of readers, it's a format for comic books, Google will help here. Also Winrar or Winzip, etc. will open it up making every frame a .jpg.