Needlework-a-Go Go #29

This booklet issued by Chadwick's Red Heart Yarns had me at 'hello'.  Such phenomenal artwork shouldn't be sequestered to needlework pamphlets - it needs to be put on a pedestal where it can be seen and  appreciated.by everyone.

I did a little research (and by 'little' I mean 2 minutes) and found that Mary Mayo was an accomplished main stream illustrator, but there's precious little information about her.  Here's a few pages from this 1952 booklet titled "Everyone Wears Sweaters".  Enjoy.

Holy crap.  The blonde is totally digging the girl in blue..


  1. This is some FANTASTIC artwork! I love this stuff.

  2. Second picture looks like Betty & Veronica, Reggie & Archie. Gorgeous artwork! I just love the facial expressions.
    - Vanessa

  3. Man, so much life and emotion in those. And yeah, the library scene was probably a work started for the cover of the adult novel "Lezbo Love in the Library", but Mary got a better offer from the yarn people and painted over the peek-a-boo blouses worn by the girls in the first version.

  4. Betty and Veronica had longer hair.

  5. The 4th picture is internet famous. I wondered where I'd seen it before. Turns out to be nearly everywhere:


    1. Wow! Im surprised I haven't seen it before. Thanks for the info.

  6. I second Vanessa's comment - like Mr DeCarlo's Betty and Veronica, those two girls have the same face. Now, exactly what is going on in that picture? The bottom part is cut and pasted in, confusing the issue.