School Daze #8: Yearbook Graffiti

A couple years ago, I did a post on textbook defacing, which ended up being pretty fun.  I think we're due for another spotlight on an anonymous book defacer slash (/) budding comedian.  The humor is about as juvenile as it comes, but I think that's what gives it such charm.

This one comes from a 1982 yearbook.  Whoever the mysterious graffiti firebrand is, I'd love to give him a high-five for his wonderfully hilarious douchebaggery littering nearly every page.

I've obliterated any last names to preserve the innocent, and the name of the school I'll leave anonymous as well. So, let's check out some high school yearbook shenanigans.  I will warn you, however; don't expect an underground Oscar Wilde.  "Slut School" (pictured above) may be his finest work.

Although I don't know this young man from Adam, I must admit that I share the defacer's opinion.  This guy does look like a dick.

Ah, the old beard and mustache graffiti - timeless.

"We want you Mike" - At last, a clue to our defacer's identity.... and his egomania.

"I wish Dina was sitting on my face."  Nice.  Like I said, he's no Oscar Wilde. But as far as yearbook defacing goes, our Mike is quite the wordsmith.

This is actually from the school play of "Diary of Anne Frank".... making this perhaps Mike's most tasteless work.  But remember, a true artist knows no boundaries.

"Me? Wow!"  Could this be our secret scribbler, Mike? Hmmm.  He doesn't look the type, and reading his entire works, it's obvious he's a big athlete.  I don't think this is him, but you never know.

Is this Mike being a complete jerk, or is he being playful? The beauty of his work, like a Pollack or Picasso, is that it can be interpreted in so many ways.

And finally, perhaps his most profound work.  "The Future is Ours..... Whose?"  Whose, indeed.  Bravo, Mike.

It's a pity he couldn't resist inscribing "ugly" on that girl.  Alas, his artistic temperament rears its ugly head once again.


  1. Mike sure had girly handwriting. Or maybe that's a clue?!

  2. Honestly, i think 'Mike' is a girl. Snide remarks directed at women, handwriting, etc.

  3. She's in the "me, wow" picture, then she wrote "ugly" on two of her pictures. At least, i think that's the same girl.

    1. Yes, I do believe she is a girl, and that she was calling herself ugly (even though she's not!) I think the "Mike" was someone else.

  4. I'm sorry, but this does NOT measure up to the modifications that my fellow classmate made ALL over my 1987 yearbook. It's creative and funny and a tad insulting...(okay maybe a bit more than a "tad"). She may not be Oscar Wilde either, but she did give plenty of nudges and winks in his general direction.

  5. #1. Mike totally wants to bang the "ugly mutt" girl.

    #2. All that these photos has made me do is long for the 80s. A better, much more innocent time.

  6. The ugly comments are definitely written by a girl...who else could be so catty??

  7. She's the girl in the short-shorts to the right proclaiming we want Mike. She's also the girl in the two photos marked "ugly".

  8. Our mystery graffitti artist has it in for the Cheerleader from the two pictures. Hey, if you're browsing this website, Amy, my phone number is 207556844733.

  9. Amy the cheerleader is evidently the "slut" who captured the affections of Mike the jock the graffitti artist's true love. Amy did this by spreading her legs and was so prolific at "pancakes" that even a few days of not getting any "action" was a drag on her life.

  10. The mystery de-facer is definately female: not one cartoon cock n' balls in there. QED.

  11. Good taste prevents me from sharing any of the yearbook defacing in my collection, lets say a weekend of heavy college partying was to blame and a bit of previously unexpressed angst flavored the 'artwork'.

  12. OMG, this is my Senior yearbook. Well, not mine personally, but this is from my school and my senior year. Hilarious!

  13. OMG, this is my Senior yearbook. Well, not mine personally, but this is from my school and my senior year. Hilarious!