Vintage Men's Mags #28: More Sharity

Again, just 'cause I love ya, here's another round of free magazines for your reading pleasure.  I like to include a page or two from the rag just so you can kinda see what you're getting beforehand.  Enjoy!

Note: There is slight nudity in a few of these magazines; but, in all seriousness, it's less than you'd find in a Cosmo or any number of mags sold at supermarket checkout lines.


  1. "We'd gone into the jungle looking for fun and romance." Together we had an IQ of 82.

  2. I like "How we escaped from Red China by taking off our shirts."

  3. Reporter spent three months in a hospital.... Couldn't possibly do that today.

    In 1956, a semiprivate room cost $35 a day. Now it's around $4000 a day.

    1956: 90 days at $35 = $3150, about one year of median wages or one Buick.

    2012: 90 days at $4000 = $360,000, about 10 years of median wages or 15 Buicks.

    1. Yeah, but in 1956, the doctors had just stopped using leeches. Most of 'em, anyway.

      Remember, this was the era when doctors smoked and thought smoking was good for you.

  4. "The Women Who Ruin Your Love Life": Wives.

  5. Watch it Anonymous.
    Plenty of "wives" on this blog
    can complain about ruined love lives also.
    It takes two (or three) to "Escape from Red China."

  6. "Revenge of the Nazi Love Doll."

    Well. About covers it all, doesn't it?