Vinyl Dynamite #43

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of you folks who decided to download from the last Homemade Album Art Post.  I've already explained my sad little love affair with Photoshop which has ensured that all my music has customized (aka totally faked) album art.  I decided to share a few with you readers, and many thousands decided to grab some free music complete with Retrospace-made album art. 

It's only a true music geek that gets annoyed by songs on your mobile device that don't have album artwork - and you get that generic "musical note" icon in its place.  Of course there's the function which has iTunes or Windows Media Player grab it for you; however, this often doesn't work out too good.  You get some cruddy Greatest Hits cover or (if they're as obscure as mine and ripped from old vinyl), you end up SOL.  Truly a First World Problem.

Anyway, take a listen, download, enjoy.


  1. Is that leopard wearing mascara in the last one? And what is that creature biting the girl's arm? A lion? Wolf? Why does the big lion have male pattern baldness? I just don't get The Seed by Rare Earth.

  2. Not quite the "Summer Breeze" that became a hit, is it?

    Great post.