Ads #56: Horror Themed Ads

Can you count the number of vampire puns within this single ad?  Surely, this must be some kind of record for highest pun count. To make matters worse, the "neck book" pun has to rank among the worst puns ever bar none.

That being said, a horror theme always makes an ad better. Calculator ads are generally forgettable and lame; however, you stick in Dracula and "presto" you've got yourself a pretty engaging little ad.... despite the pun overkill.

So, here's some more ads for you to stick your teeth into.  Some I'm just batty about, others suck.  Either way, you're sure to have a bloody good time.

For more carcinogenic comics see this post.

What the hell are they watching? Cannibal Holocaust? A Serbian Film? Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Small Town Security?

"Buy the Quintrix II color picture tube.  It will allow you to permanently scar your children.  Even your dog will have emotional issues."

I enjoy this one just for the list of popular 1977 costumes.  Who in God's name would elect to be Gabe Kaplan for Halloween? Yet, the Kotter mask did exist.

This 1972 Night Gallery graphics ad simply transcends cool.   I'd love to see if these are on the internet somewhere in a larger size so they can be truly appreciated.

I want Vampo and Wolfo.  As far as the nude Frankenstein goes - thanks but no thanks.

I actually did this craft when I was a kid.  I remember having fun doing it, but don't recall how well they turned out.

Why is it that the more poorly made a mask, the more creepy it is? Those ultra realistic expensive masks of today are awesome.... but nothing gives me the chills like these El Cheapo old ones.

This next one isn't a real ad.  It's a gag from an old Gorezone magazine.

For the uninitiated, "Spook Shows" were after-midnight programs that traveled from theater to theater during the 1920s through the '60s. A master of ceremonies, with monikers like Dr. Evil, Dr. Satan, or Dr. Ogre Banshee, would preside over shows such as "Frightmare" or "Asylum of Shock" — combinations of interactive horror-related films and on-stage Grand Guignol-esque shenanigans. Though quality of such shows would vary from region to region, they were nevertheless highly popular and relatively long-lasting. 
- source: The Internet

You can buy a David Cassidy, Popeye or Raggedy Ann iron-on..... or an iron-on of a guy smoking an extremely potent strain of cannabis (Panama Red).  The choice is yours.... God I love the seventies.


  1. *heavy sigh* I forgot how cool the Roach Studios designs were.

  2. WOW these ads bring back some memories. When I was a kid, I actually owned the "Bones" rubber jiggler (ITEM No. 8004 according to the ad) as well as the Roach iron-on shown above with the big pink bird wearing tennis shoes.

  3. That Gerschicstmaken is HRH Prince Charles!

  4. According to Skelton & Benson's Night Gallery book,the paintings offered were from the third season, which had not yet been broadcast. Also, the painting for "Night Of the Sorcerer" is incorrect. Hate to think what those two dollar posters go for on Ebay.
    "A comic book ad is a comic book ad"--Lao Tze

  5. Kotter was OK, but who would have The Osmonds for a Halloween costume?! I had the Hot Wheels one: http://www.retrohound.com/my-past-halloweens/#.UJAj6FK8iGc