Album Covers #29: Far East Vinyl

Let's be clear - these are not necessarily Korean, Chinese, Thai or Japanese musicians; but the vinyl itself is from an Asian distributor (if that makes sense).  Let's also be clear that these are some of the most incredible pieces of art to ever decorate a 7 inch piece of vinyl. Behold the magnificence that is Oriental single sleeve art.


  1. "Fong Fong sings hits"... Just great.

  2. Fong Fong demonstrates the sexiest position for playing guitar I've ever seen.

    Right below Fong Fong is perhaps the worst hairstyle I've ever seen on the most beautiful Asian woman I've ever seen.

    Does the guy in the red sweater really have just the 2 teeth up top, or are those scratches in the paper?

  3. "Say Yes My Boy"? In a heartbeat!

  4. I take it the Caucasian singers couldn't get a record deal over here or in the UK?

  5. You need to number these next time. It is hard to differentiate the albums if the writings all in Asian.

    Second one down from your explanation; I use to wear the exact same outfit when I went on stage. Of course it was for my Church performances so I did not get the same response they did, but still . . .

    Eleven down from your break; Who would buy a record from such a forlorn looking blond? I picture the song to be as depressing as all get out. Or is this when she found out what sort of record contract she signed?

    16 down (SJET-530) Was she the one they chose for the Japaneses version of the Mary Tyler Moore Show? I'd like to see their Lou Grant.

    23 down - Look out!! Here comes Ghidra. We must call Mothra to save our city!!!!

    Good collection. You are batting 900 lately (or have we stopped with the baseball metaphors?)