Comic Books #50: Horror Comic Covers

Magazine style comics such as Eerie, Vampirella, Creepy and the Warren and Skywald publications had some rich painted illustrations - true gems in the  annals of horror artwork.  Please see some previous posts for examples of these amazing covers:
horror comic covers part one 5/25/11
horror comic covers part two 6/17/11
Creepy and Eerie magazines
Vampirella magazines
But these comics, for all their incredible cover art, were black and white between the covers.  Sure, this allowed them to get more graphic in their content, but as a kid I liked my horror comics in living color! Once the comics code came along, you could no longer see red blood; nonetheless, to a young lad, there could be no substitute - it had to be in color.

So, here is a gallery of about 20 good ole fashioned horror comic covers; some before The Code, some after. All in bestowed with color between the covers. Enjoy.


  1. In writing about the DC "Weird" comics of the early '70s the other week (WEIRD WAR, WEIRD WESTERN with Jonah Hex, even an issue or two of ADVENTURE retagged WEIRD ADVENTURE with the Spectre), I thought I remembered a Marvel title that had been trying to ride coattails, and there it is...thanks!

  2. I especially love the Fire Dance one where the guy thinks he's about to fulfill his Penthouse Forum fantasy and get some from a hot wild woman in the woods, but instead he's about to be killed and eaten by moth monster.

  3. Wow, that skeleton in "Weird Wonder Tales" is pretty buff for a collection of animated bones.

  4. Love the Thrills of Tomorrow family portrait!!!