Comic Books #49: More Insanely Awesome Spanish Comics

I'm not so much marveling at the wicked leopard hoodie as much as I am the leopard mittens!   And this dude is totally obscuring the wording under the title - but he doesn't give a damn.  That's what kind of a guy he is.

He's obviously spouting nonsense - something like "Aaarrgh!" or "Graaaahh!".  No skills with the ladies whatsoever.  He needs to get acquainted with Leopard Girl - she'll have him minding his P's and Q's in a hurry.  Judging by their wardrobe, they have a lot in common.

On a slight tangent...

Ever see any of those jungle cannibal movies from the seventies and early eighties? (i.e. Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, Eaten Alive!, Mountain of the Cannibal God, The Devil Hunter, etc... .there was a million of 'em).

For me, those grindhouse cannibal films were the lowest point in cinematic history.  I've actually watched them, but basically out of morbid curiosity (the same reason I watched Faces of Death back in the eighties).  These pictures are one step from being snuff films, and were so realistic that, for example, Cannibal Holocaust was actually taken before the legal system.

What was it about this time period, that the world released such films? Was it the aftershock of Vietnam? Was it just a loosening of taboos? It's an interesting genre to explore if you're inclined to be an armchair sociologist such as myself.

Fact: Native Americans cry (1) when the white man litters and pollutes the earth and (2) at the sight of an upskirt.  I can't explain it.  It just is.

The foreground in this cover doesn't interest me.  A hot tramp mixing with a greasy perv happens all the time.   What has me scratching my head is the nude gentleman at the bar.  He looks outraged but not at what's going on in the foreground..... and he looks like somebody, but I can't decide who.  Greta Van Susteren?

Should I be disturbed here?  Given (1) these comics' propensity to cross lines of good taste and (2) the judgmental stares looming in the background, I'd say we have reason to be concerned.

The less said here the better.  Let's move on, shall we?

This guy is the most disgusting cartoon character I've ever seen - even his imaginary heart is gross.

"Ratas Malditas" translates to "Damn Rats!"  and "Auxiliooo!" translates to "Heeeelp!"  She may want to consider standing up and getting out of there.  Just a thought.

YES! This guy in the background has the greatest mustache ever.  I'm in love with this cover. It's a well done creepy hand and, overall, the mood is one of horror..... and then there's Pappy in the back



  1. It is Greta, post face lift! Luv the stache man, Mexican hillbilly.

  2. The guy must be crying because the girl is, sadly enough, wearing undies.

  3. I think I'm going to have to use Pappy as my facebook profile pic.

    1. Me too... I think Pappy is way cooler than Arandu.

  4. Great post.. this has everything; that ghost that looks like JFK, weird ape king, the gold rapist, nude Greta about to kick scar face's ass, scar face giving a girl a spanking, the damn dirty rats, and pappy with a corn cob pipe and cool mustache.

    1. Also, I checked out more on Arandu prince of the forest. He's kind of like Tarzan, but instead of a loin cloth he sports a pair of speedos with a holster for his gun. Looks like unlike Tarzan he's not afraid to bring a machine gun or two along as well.

  5. I could be wrong, but these comics seem slightly sexist. Haha. ;)