Vintage Scares #28: Horror Movie Newspaper Ads

Consider this a "part two" to a post I did two years ago.

Anyway, I'll say this in regards to horror film advertising in newspapers - what it lacked in terms of a canvas (it was small and B&W), it made up for in sensationalism.  The art was certainly compromised versus the nice technicolor canvas of the movie poster; however, the unassuming newspaper spot was often license to go buck wild.  These are every bit as fun to peruse as are the posters.  Take a look for yourself...

"Brain of Blood".  Isn't that a bit like saying "Omelet of Egg"? I'm just sayin'.  And, personally, I'd rather be a "monster" than a "maniac".  So, as far as I'm concerned, the transplant was a success!

Free Rasputin beard? I'm there!

"Last House on the Left" spawned a whole tribe of similar sounding films. There was also House by the Edge of the Park, House by the Cemetery, Last House - Part II (no relation to the original) and more ... (I've yet to see it, but there's a new movie out called Last House on Dead End Street).

Is it just me, or does it seem like that "warning bell" would get old fast.  I get annoyed when someone's cell phone rings; I'd probably blow a gasket if a damn warning bell chimed every time things got gross.

Is this the best tagline you've ever read? "....shiv-shaving, eye gouging, arm twisting, chain lashing..."

Is it just me or did we just have two back to back movie ads featuring guys that could pass for Robert Duvall?

The LA Times actually warns views about the film's "vomitous nature".... and it was banned in exactly 19 countries!

Not surprisingly, the non-American ads were considerably more lurid.  Can you imagine your dad opening up his morning paper over toast and coffee, and coming across this little number?

A few more Euro ads, just 'cause they're so doggone awesome...

Is it just me or could these Italian ads pass for "real art"? - I mean, these are damn nice looking for a crummy newspaper.

Also, is it just me or have I surpassed my "is it just me" allowance? I think I've used the phrase three times already.  I'll try to quit.

This survival kit was distributed at the theater.  I wonder how many Slithis fan club members are out there?  Here's another token given out at the cinema...

I wonder if anyone actually ever won the five grand with their essay on whether this chick was a ghoul or girl.  Somehow I doubt it.

Filmed in "Percepto".  I wonder how that compares with digital IMAX.  Probably better (no sarcasm intended).

Calling all Retrospace readers: What the hell is a "black stamp monster show"?

Rated PG.... are you kidding me? It's been a while since I've seen this, but I seem to recall a topless scene and a woman's decapitated head rolling on the ground.

Whoever said "Meat Is Meat" has never seen the making of a McRib.


  1. Wow - Quite an amazing post!!! Love these, someone should (has?) make a coffee table book!

  2. Not sure "Cannibal Girls" belongs in the list. It's directed by Ivan Reitman (Animal House, Ghostbusters....) and stars Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin (SCTV...)!

    1. Precisely...

    2. Why not? It was a low budget horror movie with a little humor done before SCTV.

  3. I am still a Slthis Fan club member, with my fully autographed photo intact !

  4. I am ashamed to admit that I had somehow never heard of Slithis until today. I just watched the trailer on youtube... they literally just gave the whole movie away. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a trailer was suppose to be a "teaser" - not a Cliffnoted version of the movie. Funny.

  5. Almost every one of these would make a great punk, goth, or metal band name.

  6. Awesome collection - you've outdone yourself.

    btw- "The Liver Eaters" sounds like it should have been paired with "The Prune Juice Drinkers".

    Actually, it's another name for "Spider Baby", Lon Chaney's last film - and quite good, in a bad way.

  7. Speaking about "Spider Babies": Here's the best spider baby scene ever:


  8. Recently saw Spider Baby on cable, did anyone else see the young Sid Haig lurking about as did I ?

  9. Last House on Dead End Street came out in 1977...i saw it at the drive-in that year under the title-'The Funhouse'...and it was really creepy...about a guy mking snuff movies

    1. I've scene it. It is quite a movie experience. The director later claimed he made it while high on speed.

  10. Percepto was one of William Castle's gimmicks -- electrical buzzers under the seat cushions, which would go off when "the Tingler" attacked on screen:


  11. I wanna see the "Love Exorcist"

  12. Finally found the answer to "black stamps." Just a marketing campaign for the release of "The Gorgon" and "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb"-- they literally were black stamps given at the theater that one was supposed to collect. Here's where I found info: http://greenbriarpictureshows.blogspot.ca/2007/01/region-2-round-up-part-two-i-knew-anne.html

  13. Dunno if my last comment worked. Found info on "black stamp shows," it was a marketing campaign. http://greenbriarpictureshows.blogspot.ca/2007/01/region-2-round-up-part-two-i-knew-anne.html