Vinyl Dynamite #44: Foreign Tracks

If you've been following this blog at all you know that, upon spotting the LP pictured above, I simply had to have it.  I mean, this is just too good to pass up.  I couldn't live with myself not knowing what this record sounded like.

Well, I'm sad to report that it's about the most generic Hispanic music imaginable.  Still, it wouldn't be fair to not let you have a listen yourself.

Garimpeiro do Amor

To make up for that underwhelming example of Latin music, here's an upbeat rendition of the theme song for E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial.

Superstars Orchestra - Terna de E

If you enjoyed that, your feelings of good will are about to evaporate with this track from our neighbors across the pond...

Eileen Fowler - Dowager's Hump

Okay, this one isn't actually from vinyl - it's from a cassette tape.  Hopefully, you'll forgive the break from vinyl when you hear the sweet sweet sounds of vintage Thai pop.

อ.ส. รอรัก (o.s. ro rock)

ทหารเกณฑ์ ผลัด 2 (thahan ken phlat 2)

Enjoy those? Want the whole album? Click here. (Don't mention it.  It was my pleasure.)

ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ – สาวสมัยดาวเทียม (satellite-era girl)

Lagu2 Tonic Chop Gajah

And finally, what better way to end a post on foreign vinyl than a song called "5000 Nut".  Enjoy.

Panadda Chayapark-5000-Nut


  1. That Leo Can-HOT-o is perfect! Oh my word, there is no way I could pass that up!

    Enjoy Your Swimming is just odd. There's no water anywhere on the cover. And the spoken words followed by music... just... odd...

  2. If you look up Andrew Dice Clay in a Hispanic dictionary, you will get your cover photo. Tell me that is not him with the perm and the revolver!

    1. I'm thinking Robert Hedges (RIP) sings Sweathog Salsa...

    2. Actually, I wondered why Detective Starsky was performing Latin music...

  3. My life is complete now that I have that dowager's hump track.

  4. Looks like "Joyce" of album cover fame on the Thai cassette. Except with straight hair.

  5. That first album cover: "Manuel Noriega sings for YOU"

  6. You'd think the photographer would have done something about the studio lighting reflections in Leo's shades. Ah, well, maybe he was too afraid to confront such an obviously unstable man.

  7. Sweet! Thx a lot

  8. The name "Canhoto" is Portuguese, the opening of the song states it is from Brazil, and we Portuguese are NOT Hispanic. We're European. Look to the left of Spain.

    Thanks. ;)

  9. Oh yeah, one other thing... it's pronounced, "Can YOH tu". I now return to sopping up every ounce of retro tasty goodness you keep posting.

    Please stop. I haven't eaten, worked or gone to the bathroom since 2009 because of this blog. This must end.

  10. Quelle belle sélection ! Bravo et merci.

  11. Leo Canhoto! My dad remembered when he was a child. My uncle has a lot of vinyls of the duo "Leo Canhoto & Robertinho" . They plays the "sertanejo" a Musical style very famous in Brazil. But the roots of "sertanejo" is made by simple sounds, in Brazil called "Sertanejo de raiz" . The "sertanejo" made today is more comercial , playing in radios. Some artists have a great success in world , like Michel Telo, Luan Santana, etc ...