Catalogs #25: Tawdry Catalog Sharity

It so happens that I've got a couple tawdry catalogs to share - both from the eighties. It wouldn't be totally accurate to call them simply lingerie catalogs.  One catalog describes their apparell as clothing to wear in those "intimate hours" - and I think that's pretty well stated.

There are some naughty bits here and there, but I don't feel it's enough to get anyone's panties in a wad (that was a pun, by the way). Enjoy.


  1. I don't know, that first one looks kinda, dirty. Like the pages are covered in dirt. Makes me nervous.

  2. I think I noticed some stains on some of these scans...

    In First Class Versand... you look through all these lovely German ladies and then POW! out of the blue the "Jim" leather jock strap modeled on some dude's jock.

  3. Can you please reup PDFs Thanks

  4. any chance you want to repost these? scribd would probably host them forever