Magazines #37: True Crime Rags (Part 4)

Don't ask me why I feel this need to create a vast online repository of detective magazine covers.  Perhaps it's because I feel sorry for these rags.  While other pulps covers get enshrined on countless blogs, the lowly true crime periodical is relegated to the dustbin of history.  Perhaps, it deserves it.

After all, there's no art here - only cover after cover of misogyny.  If at least they were illustrated we could value them for their artistic merit as we do the pulps which could be even more tasteless in their subject matter.  But, no; they're just poorly staged photographs emblazoned with ridiculous headlines.  They're a step below even the tabloids.

And so, just for the sake of restoring to the foreground a long derided underdog, I give you yet another detective magazine gallery.  Future generations will thank me.


  1. I've got a copy of True Detective magazine from the 40's. It doesn't have a cool or sexy cover, but it DOES have an article about my great uncle who murdered his wife and buried her in the basement floor! Great reading!

  2. I gotta say, the clown threw me off balance a bit and I laughed right out loud.

    1. Me too. Pure idiocy.

    2. Damned clowns. You can't trust 'em. One minute, they make you laugh. The next, they use you for a pin cushion.

  3. When I was a real youngster, I had delusions of growing up to become a private investigator--I blame it on consistent viewing of "Simon & Simon" reruns. I purchased one of these True Crime mags, read a few pages, and instantly felt dirty. I think I threw it out after that.

    Misogyny aside, the image of the clown sneaking up on his victim is fantastic.


  4. "She Strangled Him For Being A Lousy Lover!"

    I need to check that story for my name.

  5. I think I'm in love with the gun girl on a reign of terror in the mini. You should have saved her for a Monday edition.

  6. Say what you will, I'm impressed at the photographers always being there in the thick of the action!

  7. The guy who KILLED THE SEXY BLOND WHO TRIED TO RAPE HIM....must be going for a plea of insanity.

  8. My grandmother used to have these Detective Magazines around the house when I was a kid. Sometimes I wonder about Grandma...

  9. Total covers: 39
    Covers where a woman is about to be shot, stabbed, strangled, stomped or otherwise seriously harmed: 21
    Covers with at least one woman holding a weapon: 11
    Covers with a woman threatening a man with a gun: 2
    Covers with a woman threatening another woman: 1
    Relatively non-violent covers without weapons: 3 1/2
    Covers with a woman being protected / rescued by a man: 6 1/2
    Covers with a woman being protected / rescued by another woman: 0

    My work here is done.

  10. Isn't Steve Jobs (or Noah Wyle) two above the clown, on the right? Hm. Explains a lot or nothing at all.

  11. AnonymousJune 07, 2013

    "She STRANGLED him for being a LOUSY LOVER!!!" I showed this to my sexy, bratty latina wife and her thick, juicy, meaty NIPPLES stretched all the way out! Now we have a new roleplay. (Her boyfriends love my 'playing dead' too!)