Pancakes #5

Well, it's been a while since our last Pancakes post; so, I figured it was time to break out another round of these filthy dirty breakfast staples.

In the past, I've given you a single frame to make your conclusions.  This time we're looking at two shots to make our determination as to whether pancakes are in their future. (Here's a hint: Every single one of these leads to pancakes).

Take for instance the scene above.  It's got pancakes written all over it.  But let's have another look a few seconds later just to be sure...

You betcha.  Three rounds of pancakes coming right up.

Also, please note that in the 1970s a shirt that read "dirty movies" was not a one-way ticket to a life of lonely frustration - quite the contrary.  The chicks dig it.

Pancake detection takes a very trained eye.  For instance, to the amateur, the picture above is nothing more than a young man helping his ladyfriend try on some new shoes.  What are the cues here that bely the pancakes cooking beneath the surface? Is it the oddly placed drag racer toy or the burnt orange carpet? Or is it the fact that this woman's boobs are literally falling out of their containment?

Yep.  No sooner will the shoes be on before they're coming right back off.  The nice clean burnt orange carpet is about to get pancake batter all over it.

Pretend, if you will, that this is not a pancake post.  This is picture on its own gives us nothing to presume that pancakes are on the horizon.... or does it? The lady in the back should raise an eyebrow.

Wait a tick.  The way she's sitting makes me think she'll be raising more than eyebrows.  Although, I still don't think we can fully count on a round of pancakes.  They're definitely on the menu, but I can't be assured they will be served.

Oh, wait.  The editors are telling me there's actually one more frame...

Dig in, folks.  It's pancakes all you can eat

A toast among friends.  Nothing is more basic to human companionship than breaking bread and sharing drinks.  Surely, this time honored tradition will not be sullied by more pancake making...

Alas, it is the seventies after all. What else would you expect? Pancake making was the national pastime of the decade.

Whenever you're dealing with chambermaids the pancake quotient goes through the roof.  However, there is a serious deduction if the man is wearing a cape.  Thus, the likelihood of pancakes is difficult to predict in this scenario.

Hmm.  What's the word I'm looking for here? Oh, that's right.... "pancakes".

I don't care what you say - there's nothing to indicate impending pancakes.  the women are dressed modestly, and there seems to be no tomfoolery going on.  This could easily be an Asti Spumante advert.

Blondie has clearly drank too much and is crossing the line.  Our lady on the left wants it to stop, but doesn't want to hurt feelings and cause a scene.  "Please, Joyce.  Not right here. Let's go back to the fondue.... I hear there's a good miniseries on tonight.....it's got Richard Chamberlain in it.....Joyce, let's go watch Shogun, please...."

"Oh, screw it.  fondue and Shogun can wait. I want pancakes."

And on that note, I'll think we'll conclude our trip down pancake lane.  I quite enjoyed the multi-frame approach, and I hope you did too.  Cheers!


  1. The chambermaid's duster makes you a bit nervous. Let's just hope that she'll leave it on the table when the serious pancaking starts.

  2. The "toast among friends" series had me rolling.... tough one to explain to the wife. Thanks a lot, chief!

  3. Wait a sec... First of all, that's not a drag racer toy, that's the STP Turbine car that Parnelli Jones almost won the 1967 Indy 500 in. A secondly, what makes you think a girl can't have pancakes with her high heels on?

  4. Not sure if the last pic is any indication of what John Oates was up to while Darryl Hall was off doing his solo career.

  5. This is the funniest thing I've seen in my whole life. Where do you find these images??

  6. "Where do you find these images?" Obviously you never grew up in the 1970's and found the hold grail lying on the side of the road.