Retrospace Radio #35

UFO -   Geoff Love and His Orchestra
Girl - Tuca
Peaceful - Helen Reddy
Reggatta de Blanc - The Police
Space Age Whiz Kids - Joe Walsh
Unpack Your Adjectives - Schoolhouse Rock
Mary Skeffington - Gerry Rafferty
Anachronisme - Kameleon
Who's the Boss theme
Love Alive - Heart
Right On - Sons of Slum
Dream - Earth and Fire
Let's Go to San Francisco - The Flowerpot Men
Fireball XL-5 theme


  1. Interesting to hear a different version of the UFO theme.
    Tuca's voice is impossible to listen to. Yuck.
    I always liked how you can hear Sting wondering where is echo was in that song.
    Joe Walsh is at his best when he gets weird and electronic.
    Who's the Boss theme is possibly the gayest theme song every recorded.

  2. Loved these picks. I dont know why, but this music just relaxes me (allthough I did almost OD on flower power with "Lets go to San Francisco"

  3. I was working on another project while listening to this, and was sure surprised to hear The Police!

    That last song is just awful though! How can you afflict us with that?

  4. Also, I sent you a couple emails with images. You don't need to reply, just want to make sure you get them.