Sex Sells #29: Men's Fashion Advertising

Tinted shades and a purple blazer - this fella is no joke.  The ax is to let you know he's all man, and the tennis sketch is to let you know he plays for keeps.  The girl clutches her pearls in a state of orgasm just being near him.  But to the man with salt and pepper hair, it ain't nothin' but a thang.

I don't get this game.  Sally plays Jethro Tull while the two fellas compete to see who gets to shag Lisa.  Am I on the right track?

"Mix in a casual setting" - I'll say! These chicks are topless.

Note to the fellow standing on the table: No one is listening to you.  Shut up, put a shirt on, and have some coffee - you're starting to scare the girls away.

Just another demonstration that when you wear these clothes, women will find you irresistible.  It's as if the fabric is woven of some magical thread whose properties bestow a potent sexual mojo upon its wearer.

'Tis dark majik, I tell you. Beware.  

Or, perhaps, there's nothing magical about it.  Maybe it's just science.  The fabric in the slacks is chemically bonded to a synthetic pheromone derived from bull ejaculate which women find irresistible....... Or the patterns on the slacks, although only perceptible by the subconscious mind, spell out subliminal messages only registered by the female brain.

Don't laugh.  It's the only way to explain these ads.

This last one is just plain disturbing.  If I saw this happening for real, I'd call the police.


  1. I have salt and pepper hair, but maybe I should dye in a streak of white dead center, since it looks like the ladies enjoy the skunk look.

  2. hi... i recently used that first image as a teaser ad for some mountainboard tshirts! I found the ad in Playboy from sep '72, scanned it in, & customised in photoshop :)
    awesome blog, keep up the good work!

  3. Campus: There is something fishy with those fingers on the guy's shoulder. Are they somehow disconnected from the girl?

  4. I see that the guy standing on the table in the T-Bells ads has some kind of bling in his belly button. Now I cannot unsee it.

  5. The guy in the Jaymar slacks ad kinda reminds me of Mannix. (one of my all time favorite shows)

  6. Ummm...Just wondering. In the last ad "Eminence", I don't know what country that's from, but do they allow men to eat there? That's a crop of skinny bastards. Just sayin'....

  7. The guy in the "best player" Jockey ad -- isn't that John McCook who would later because a soap opera hunk as Lance Prentiss on 'The Young & the Restless' and, for the last 25 years, has played Eric Forrester on 'The Bold & the Beautiful'?

  8. Is that Richard Belzer in that Roger Moore James Bond era purple trailblazer jacket in the first ad?
    Also, it looks like the Nunn Bush (love that name) couldn't find anyone to model their hideous looking boots so they got their mom to do it.

  9. It would be difficult to be more blatantly Freudian than the picture of the guy in the purple jacket. Seriously, she would have to be on her knees in front of him eating a hot dog.

  10. All these advertisements are from 1970s if i am not wrong, don't know if you still can buy such clothes specially of Jaymar Slacks.