Tech #22: Blip Magazine

The eighties Marvel publication Blip contained a short comic within each issue.  I've got scans from 22 pages of Blip comics for you.  There's a Donkey Kong, Spider-Man and Hulk comic. Fans of vintage gaming will probably get a few laughs.  I especially love the 1-2 punch of having 80s Marvel combined with 80s video games.... it's a match made in heaven.

Download 22 page PDF of Blip comics

I think you'll agree, the admixture of Spider-Man and early eighties video games is just too good not to share.  Here's a few more images from various issues.


  1. That Hulk looks like Eric Estrada, especially in the middle frame.

    That picture of Joel Higgins (who everbody mistakes for Bruce Boxleitner) and Rick Schroder with the Pac-Man Machine looks really creepy.

  2. That cover of Blip with the Commodore 64 transforming into an Atari joystick (or is the joystick turning into the Commodore 64?)is freaking me out. Why is that girl's head on sideways? I can't keep from staring at it.

  3. The download link doesn't work, it says "Denied by uploader"...forgive me if you've addressed this already.