Vintage Style #34: Men's Fashion Ads

How cool is this? Dammit, I want an eye-patch!  Get ready for a heaping helping of awesome men's fashion advertisements.  With all the crazy awful stuff going on the world, you deserve a few minutes to sit back and enjoy some amazing styles from yesteryear.  Enjoy.

Here's Patchy the Hathaway model again. God love him and his glorious eye-patch.

What to say during intermission:

Andy Warhol is getting cold.
Be-Ins are better than Happenings because you feel more a part of it.
As Professor Marshall McLuhan says, 'Media is the message.'

This 'threatening' ad reminds me of the infamous National Lampoon cover: "If you don't buy this magazine, we'll kill this dog."

You do realize this shirt was worn like a leotard.  To achieve that tight look that was so popular in the seventies, men and women wore 'body shirts' that basically turned into underwear below the belt line.

This manner of spelling is getting wreally, wreally annoying.

"Rugged man stuff!  They're beautiful in saucy solids and lusty patterns... and they fit better 'cause they have our exclusive Flat Front finish."

The seventies are often accused of being a very 'brown' colorless decade; if only that were true.

Is that guy biting her shoulder? What the hell?  Sort of reminiscent of another biting male in an ad posted a while back.  The similarities are uncanny.  I do miss the days of multi-colored dress socks, though.

Suits are so much cooler when worn with cocky condescending stares.  And chicks dig it.

Well, isn't this special? He's wearing a wrinkle free shirt so she doesn't have to iron.  Whether he would actually be doing any ironing is laughable.  But at least her 'ironing day' just got easier.

Well, it's been wreal fun.  Stay tuned for more men's fashion ads on Wretrospace.


  1. Where can I get a Drummond Sweater?

  2. Papa's rather set in his ways...and he STILL looks cooler than his offspring.

    1. Isn't that Donald Pleasence?

  3. I had to wear an eyepatch after eye surgery. Believe me, it doesn't feel fashionable.

    1. The first Hathaway "man with an eyepatch" actually needed it...he lost an eye in World War II (he also did it as a sideline to his day job as a broadcast executive).

  4. With ironing day freed up, she'll now have more time to bake me some goddamn pies.

    1. ...as God intended!

      Don't let my wife read this.

  5. I dig that belt buckle in the last pic.

  6. Am I the only one who noticed the SceneJeans woman appears to be sticking her head up inside an enormous fly, with her mouth wide open? If she were facing the other way, would that be too obvious?

    Also notice the Dan-Press guy poking a woman's wet uncovered abdomen with his huge ... knee.

    Are subliminal messages more obvious when it's late and I'm tired, or has my mind been polluted from the Detective Magazine covers thread?

  7. I have never seen a vintage body stocking shirt that has to be worn like underwear. Any scans?