Vinyl Dynamite #45: More Foreign Gold

Paandinwippayok OST

God knows I'm a sucker for a particularly intriguing (or downright awful) album cover.  I'm also fascinated by music from other lands - I'm a typical monolingual American, but I still get pleasure from listening to these old records from from far away.  Do I plan on putting them in heavy rotation like The Beatles White Album? Not even close.  But there's certainly worth a listen for curiosity's sake, if nothing else.

Hung Cuong – hai dura vui xuan

Life EP (Singapore)

Tuca - Drácula I love you (1974)

Cornélius (1978) - Se você quiser transar comigo
(Which I believe translates to "If You Want to F**k Me")

Sorry, no album cover available.  I only have the CD which has what I can only assume new Photoshopped artwork (not worthy of viewing).  Instead, here's ole Arrigo himself.

This entire album (Clara Crocodilo) is batshit crazy, but grows on me each time I listen to it.

Arrigo Barnabé (1980) - Orgasmo Total


  1. Amazing. These are things you just can't unwatch or unlisten. Everything seems so boring now.

  2. I just googled "Arrigo Barnabé (1980) - Orgasmo Total" for images; this seems to be the lost likely candidate for a CD cover.


  3. I, for one, eagerly anticipate the inevitable Mike Patton re-recording of "Orgasmo Total".