Catalogs #27: 1973 House of Kesman

Link is dead (Thanks, Rapidshare)

This is one download you will not regret, folks.  With over 30 pages of vivid seventies fashion at its most gaudy.  Make no mistake, I would get on my knees and thank the Lord above if these styles came back - I love it.  That being said, the widespread drug usage that went along with the seventies helped make these styles a lot more palatable.

The 1973 House of Kesman Catalog is more or less a Frederick's of Hollywood/ Victoria's Secret style catalog with an emphasis on sexy styles for the ladies.  There's no nudity, just 70s finery at its zenith.  Here's a few more crops before you download.  And You're Welcome.

Sorry, folks.  Some of the images had to be removed due to dead links; also the download link is down due to the profound awfulness of Rapidshare.  This catalog is too good to not see the light of day, so I am working on getting another file sharing service.  Stay tuned.


  1. The first photo is my favourite. Really bad clothes but the look on her face is priceless - she doesn't look very happy with the clothes or the man.

    1. My favorite is the cat caught looking up that woman's dress in the last photo. Busted.

    2. Is that a pussy looking up at a couple of pussies?

  2. Great stuff. Thanks.

  3. tx for the pdf !! brings back very nice memories

  4. Great fun, Gill...thanks! Amazing what the photo editors chose to show or not show...some odd nipple-ectomies going on in some shots and almost unnecessarily because they show them in other styles.