Fotonovelas #6: More Sharity

If Retrospace was a business, I would not be posting entire issues of vintage fotonovelas.  This would probably be a good thing to 99 percent of you - which is precisely my point. The business model for Retrospace is as follows: I post things I like.

Thankfully, there's a broad enough readership out there that I'm not completely talking to myself.  A few hundred of you will download these rags, and that's good enough for me. In a perfect world, all of you will appreciate the splendor and magic of the fotonovela; but, alas, until then this post goes out to the enlightened few.

As usual, I've posted images of the cover and an inside panel or two.  Click the link to download the CBR file.  There are tons of free CBR readers out there, and it is by far the best way to read comics on your computer screen.  Personally, I use CDisplayEx; but there's plenty others that are just as good if not better.

DOWNLOAD (cover at top of this post)

pg. 7 pg. 10 pg. 11

In case you hadn't noticed - there's lots of bitch-slapping and man-handling in these mags.  Part of their tasteless charm.

pg. 22 and pg. 31


  1. thanks for the fotonovelas.

  2. no se puede descargar ningun material del blog,rapishare dice:"descarga no autorizada por el usuario que cargo el archivo"

  3. No se puede descargar. ¿No se pueden arreglar los links?