Have a Very Lowbrow Christmas (Part Two)

Back once again to taint the wholesome purity of Christmas.  Retrospace is nothing if not consistent in its dedication to tackiness. Many of these images are ghosts of Christmas Past (i.e. repeats from older posts); but they deserve "regifting".  Enjoy.

As I understand it, Christmas used to be a pretty lowbrow activity, with lots of drunkenness and merrymaking.  It was actually banned in the US due to its associated debauchery.  So, in a way, these tacky tasteless posts are more "traditional" than the wholesome Norman Rockwell Christmas.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Santa!

Perhaps they make bean bag chairs better now, but my memories of them are less than positive.  The polystyrene balls inside were noisy as hell, and if it was the least bit hot your skin would adhere to the vinyl.  An amorphous, sticky, sweaty mess from which you were apt to tumble off in an awkwardly unflattering manner.

"Interested in seeing the 'North Pole'?"

Oh, how times have changed.  Getting your wife a dishwasher nowadays will get you the doghouse.

Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings Mr. T pities a fool.

This doesn't even make sense as sexual innuendo, and yet it still sounds dirty.  There's something seriously wrong with me.

Okay, now I know I'm not the only one smirking at this one.

Loni Anderson in the "The Jayne Mansfield Story" (1980).  Loni chews through the scenery like nobody's business, and Arnold Schwarzenegger plays her husband who actually narrates (!), making for some surrealistically awful moments.

Some holiday reading...

Jupiter 2 was the space colony ship on Lost in Space (and there, of course, is Robbie the Robot).  I am a little confused, however, by the space ship here (Sector UN); I don't recall this specific craft.  Perhaps, it's just a pod released from the main ship (?)

What's that? This stuff isn't tacky enough for you? Well, you asked for it...



  1. It is precisely because of posts like this one that Retrospace remains one of my favorite sites in the internet! Merry Christmas!

  2. Is that Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T's knee?

  3. Fun, freaky stuff, as always! Happy Holidays!

  4. And Christmas means .... Christmas morning Pancakes!

  5. I think it reads "Reactor Unit - Jupiter 2", thus the trifoil below

  6. Isn't that the B9 robot? Robbie was in Forbidden Planet (nerd alert).

  7. Almost didn't notice........ ;)