Retrospace Mix Tape #24: 1970s TV Themes

With a retro blog like this, it should come as no surprise that we're breaching the TV theme song subject again.  For whatever reason, TV themes are the big pop culture nugget that unifies all Gen Xers. Put a bunch of warring, hating, fighting forty-somethings in a room and have them listen to the Love Boat theme, and they'll be singing along and holding hands in less than a minute. So, consider this mix tape a token of peace from Retrospace.  Download, Listen, and Love One Another.

Peace Out.


  1. Alice
  2. All In The Family
  3. B.J. and the Bear
  4. Baretta
  5. barney_miller
  6. Cannon
  7. charlies_angels
  8. Chico And The Man
  9. Chips
  10. eight_is_enough
  11. Emergency
  12. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
  13. Fernwood 2Night
  14. Fish
  15. Good Times
  16. Happy Days
  17. Hong Kong Phooey
  18. Ironside
  19. Kojak
  20. Kolchack The Night Stalker
  21. Land Of The Lost
  22. Laverne and Shirley
  23. Little House On The Prairie
  24. Love, American Style
  25. Mary Hartman Mary Hartman
  26. Mary Tyler Moore
  27. MASH
  28. Match Game
  29. maude
  30. Medical Center
  31. Muppet Show
  32. One Day At A Time
  33. Police Woman
  34. Quincy ME
  35. Rockford Files
  36. Sanford And Son
  37. Sigmund And The Sea Monsters
  38. soap
  39. Solid Gold
  40. Space 1999
  41. starsky_and_hutch
  42. swat
  43. taxi
  44. The $25,000 Pyramid
  45. The Bob Newhart Show
  46. The Brady Bunch
  47. The Dukes of Hazzard
  48. The Facts Of Life
  49. The Fall Guy
  50. The Hardy Boys - Nancy Drew Mysteries
  51. The Incredible HUlk
  52. The Jeffersons
  53. The Life and Times Of Grizzly Adams
  54. The Odd Couple
  55. The Partridge Family
  56. The Six Million Dollar Man
  57. The Streets Of San Francisco
  58. The Waltons
  59. the_courtship_of_eddies_father
  60. the_love_boat
  61. threes_company
  62. Trapper John, MD
  63. whats_happening
  64. Wild Kingdom
  65. wkrp_in_cincinnati
  66. Wonder Woman
Note: No, I'm not capitalization handicapped.  I just didn't feel like manually correcting the file names.  But thanks for worrying about me.  It's nice to know you care.

2/10/13  The download link is dead thanks to the awfulness of Rapidshare.  Stay tuned - I will have it up and running before too long.


  1. Awesome collection & I love your note! LOL

  2. I grabbed this one! Thanks!

  3. Thanks, amigo!

  4. Holy shit! I had that album!! Memories!

  5. Awesome! There is something about Grizzly Adams that just puts your mind at ease. Stress just melts away.

  6. I had that record growing up! Haven't seen that cover in many years. :D

  7. The tracks aren't in the order listed, by the way...which confused me greatly.

    1. They were when I downloaded it.
      Where are they different in your?

  8. I HAD THIS!!!! I MAY NEED TO POST THIS. And the songs weren't even done by the original artists!

  9. I still have that album! My favorite was the funky Laverne & Shirley theme. Good stuff!

  10. OMFingG I searched HI and LOW for this album could not put my finger on wth it was.... I just remember cartoons of tv shows on the cover... I remember dancing and taking it to the hilt on Sanford and Son, singing Archie Bunker and crying on Mash ...Good stuff!!!