Retrospace Radio #36



  1. Gather in the Mushrooms - Benny Hill
  2. Be Black - Grady Tate
  3. Morning will Come - Spirit
  4. The Laughing Gnome - David Bowie
  5. Jack and Jill - Ray Parker Jr.
  6. Animal House clip
  7. Black is Black- Black Dynamite OST
  8. The Ballad of Batman - Campers
  9. Fiberglass Jungle - Crossfires
  10. Monty Python Spam clip
  11. We Don't Talk Anymore - Hammond All Stars (abridged)
  12. Like A Virgin - Big Daddy (abridged)
  13. Crocket's Theme - Jan Hammer, Miami Vice OST (abridged)
  14. Candida - Tony Orlando and Dawn
  15. Take Three Girls theme - Pentangle
  16. Wandrin Star- Lee Marvin
  17. Stay - Oingo Boingo
  18. Dance the Kung Fu - Carl Douglas
  19. Star Trek theme - Van McCoy
  20. Are You Being Served, Sir? - John Inman
  21. Lucky Man (coda only) - Emerson, Lake and Palmer


  1. Thanks for the Oingo Boingo song.I was in a cover band in my teen years and we used to play this song,which wasn't a very well known one.However,we always had people ask"what was that songs name?It sounds great!

  2. The Morning Will Come, from the album The Twelve Dreams Of Doctor Sardonicus. What a wonderful album from 1970. It was Spirit's 4th album, and their only one to reach gold. A mix of psychedelic and funk.

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