The Retrospace Year End Review

At the end of the year I like to take stock of where Retrospace is at and where I'd like it to go over the next year.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with how things are going.  Although, I've recently suffered a few setbacks: both my record player and scanner broke.  I've got stacks of records that demand ripping and piles of magazines that demand scanning, but all will have to wait till I get things fixed.

That is perhaps my biggest goal for '13 - to get to scanning.  You would be surprised to know the amount of catalogs, TV Guides, magazines, and other ephemera that is just rife for the scanning.  It pains me that I have a stack of National Lampoons and Sears Catalogs that have yet to lie face down on a scanner - a tragedy of epic scale.  And don't get me started on the records that are waiting in the queue - a goldmine of vinyl begging to be released to the masses.  2013 will be their year, I feel confident.

I try not to spend too much time looking at this site's analytics.  For those non-bloggers out there, that means analyzing the traffic that comes to Retrospace.  Google provides a pretty detailed account of traffic sources, keywords, number of pageviews, etc.  All in all, I suppose it's helpful, but I think my time is better spent actually creating posts rather than analyzing them.

Plus, it's pretty damn depressing.

Don't get me wrong - Retrospace gets a lot of traffic, and for that I am grateful.  In fact, I probably don't want this site getting any 'bigger' than it is, lest I start to feel the pressure of a million eyes per day. No, I'm actually happy right where it's at.

So, why bitch about the analytics? Because you'll quickly learn that for every 1,000 readers coming to Retrospace for its content, there's 20,000 looking for boobs.

This is something I've whined about before, so I won't belabor the point.  However, I would like to indulge those readers for a moment (albeit patronizingly) and provide an illustrated list of some of the top key words for 2012.  In other words, here's the most popular search terms that brought folks to Retrospace this past year..... and, no, "intelligent historical and sociological commentary" is not one of them.

#13 - Spanking Comics
#54 - Spanking Cartoons
#61 - Spanking Comic

#3 - Spanking
#14 - Spanking Women
#19 - Spanked Women
#46 - Men Spanking Women
#64 - Spanking In The Movies
#70 - Spanking In Movies

I'm biting my tongue.  I've bitched about this enough for one lifetime.

(c) Paisano Publications, LLC, 28210 Dorothy Drive, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
#11 - Easyriders Magazine
#29 - Easy Rider Magazine Models
#50 - Biker Babes
#66 - Easyriders Magazine Girls

I got a notice from the publisher of Easyriders that I had to provide the copyright caption or remove the images.  Seems totally fair.  In fact, I've got to hand it to Easyriders for not being dicks about it and making me take them down outright.

#7 - Mini Skirt Monday
#12 - Miniskirt Monday
#49 - 70's Mini Dresses
#62 - Miniskirt Mondays
#84 - Mini-Skirt Monday
#94 - Miniskirt
#97 - Mini Skirt

#18 - Detective Magazine Covers
#56 - Detective Magazines

#45 - Eddie Mack Album Cover
#47 - Live At The Open Face Sandwich Club Eddie Mack

I've done a lot of cheesecake album cover posts.  Odd that my biggest link is via Eddie Mack.  Go figure.

#26 - Betty and Veronica Nude
#38 - Betty and Veronica Naked

Damn.  I don't know whether to laugh or bow my head in shame.

#30 - Benny Hill Girls
#63 - Benny Hill

I haven't posted much on Hill's Angels; so, I find it a bit strange that its a top keyword.  Then again, I haven't posted much on spanking, and you see how that turned out.

#44 - Porn Fashion

Then next bunch are searches of famous females.  There's a ton.  I probably could significantly increase my readership if I just did posts on hot actresses.....but that would get old in a hurry.  Among the top searches were Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Emily Peden (The New Zoo Review),  Erin Grey, and the following...

#25 - Barbara Eden

#39 - Heidi Saha

A very short post, but there's not a lot out there on Saha.  So, I guess I ended up a common reference point.

#51 - Linda Thorson

#92 - Eve Plum Hot

Google links this search to a Wonder Woman episode post.

#24 - Anitra Ford

Interestingly, Anitra, herself, sent me a comment.  I've contemplated doing interviews on Retrospace; If I did I'd probably start with Anitra.

#87 - Kelly Bundy

#91 - Landers Sisters

I'm actually pretty proud of this one.  It actually took a lot of work, and isn't just about eye candy.

For those curious, the top keywords were pretty boring.  Things like "My Retrospace", "My Retro Blog", "Retro Blog", "Retrospace", "Retro Space", etc.


  1. Shine on you crazy Diamond!!!!

  2. Yeah, the more obscure stuff tends to be my highest traffic also, especially if it's specific like a person's name. I should do more with babes apparently, and maybe one on spanking, but vintage toys and children's albums are also very popular.

    That was cool of Easy Rider. When Creem asked me to take mine down they said they were starting back up and gave me a website. That website is now a dead end. They never did anything with it or started anything back up. At least they asked nicely without threats.

    I just did a five year re-cap in Nov, so I won't be doing a year-end this year.

    Hope you have a great next year and look forward to more thought-provoking and thought-revolting posts!

  3. Cunilingus is regularly in the top ten search phrases that brings visitors to Go Retro--I have no idea why. The most scandalous thing I've posted to date was pages from a Japanese "how to" sex manual from the 60s...but oral sex wasn't mentioned.

    And yes, I have Googled it to see which Go Retro post comes up, but didn't see anything.

    Congrats on the success of your blog and I look forward to seeing the scanned catalogs in 2013. Happy New Year!

  4. I found Retrospace while searching for the CHiPs Halloween episode. You do a great service for a generation brainwashed on awesome TV shows.

  5. I'd like to claim I arrived while researching Mexican B movie staple Lorena Velazquez. But, yea, I typed "boobs". Thank you and happy new year.

  6. I found Retrospace as I'm into Sixties culture and fashion so I came, read some of the fashion and Mini Skirt Monday stories and left. Then a couple of months later I was trying to find references to Buck Rogers In The Twenty-Fifth Century and the main BR sites are a bit lightweight but, again, a Google search led me back to this place and I bookmarked it because it was now twice as useful. I like the pop culture stuff, I'm not so keen on the soft porn stuff, even though you are being as tasteful as possible with it.

  7. On my BIG GLEE! blog, I once ran a post about the late (tho then alive) Davy Jones, then older and touring, and his habit of flashing his "man-boobs" on stage during his recent concerts.

    My most popular post. It mentions "boobs."


    Al Bigley

  8. hi.....bravo for you blog it is always very interesting, and well documented; by the way from what movie is your ''cover'' : year end 2012 taken from?? i couldnt recognize the girl?? it is not Tawny Kitaen??? noooo...

  9. How do you find that many keywords? When I check the keywords section on my blog, it only shows 10 of them.

    1. Google Analytics will actually take it out to 500. There's no end to the detail Google Analytics can provide - highly recommended if you're into that sort of thing.

  10. I have a personal blog that I've updated for 8 years now. I posted one picture of a Llama and now that is the top search term that people find the blog by... Is crazy.