Foxy Ladies #22:Cuddly Animals

Cute mascots are okay for cereal boxes, but you have to admit it's a little odd that they became popular as mascots for skin magazines. Add to that, during the sixties it was pretty par for the course to feature scantily clad women alongside cute animals - usually stuffed.  I'm sure there's something extremely Freudian going on here.

So, let's have a look at pictures from skin magazines featuring adorable mascots and cute animals. I'll leave it to you armchair psychologists to ponder them..

Note: All images are censored.  By no means are these any worse than what's on your television tonight... yet Google has its rules; to not follow them is to commit blog suicide (blogicide?).

Is it just me or does that smiling donkey kill the erotic mood for you too? She's all sultry, and then there's this little donkey going "Hiya there! Don't mind me. Just pretend I'm not here."

What in the ever lovin' f**k is on that thing? And why would they put it front and center on the cover of their magazine?

 Is it a manatee?

I understand having to do things on a shoestring.... but a kiddie pool?  This pirate creature bothers me for some reason.  I'd rather another questionable manatee.

Yellowtooth the Reaver of the Spice Isles. If you should lay eyes on his banner, it will be likely the last thing you'll ever see.  Those he doesn't drown, he rapes.  And those he doesn't rape, he takes to what the locals call "The Kiddie Pool".

Jem's mascot was a moose.  But even more interesting is the cover model, Betty Brosmer.  She was married to the guy who ran Jem, and, although you likely have never heard of her, she is considered the first supermodel.  She was on literally thousands of covers and owned the rights to her images and got residuals - unheard of at the time.

But even more interesting, perhaps, is the possibly apocryphal story that she was the inspiration for the first car air freshener.  The story goes that the guy who patented the car air freshener began with a Betty Brosner pinup (since her hourglass figure worked perfectly for the product) and only later opted for the Christmas tree.  Fact or fiction?  Perhaps this is a job for Snopes.

For a while it seemed that every men's magazine had its own cheeky cartoon mascot.  Playboy had the bunny, Esquire had Esky, Monsieur had a poodle, Sir Knight had a knight, Rogue had a wolf, and Rugged.... well they had a hobo.

That tiger is freaking me out.  

Looks like she wore that poor poodle out. That's animal cruelty.  Someone get PETA on the phone.



  1. I'm not a fan of the stuffed animal action - but I have to say I'm way ok with the Yogi Bear punching bag thing! :)

  2. Does anyone else think the girl with the manatee looks like Pia Zadora?

    Betty Brosmer...looks AND brqins!

  3. Epic post! If anyone is selling back issues of Jaguar please contact me...

  4. Let's blame the spammer for he 'Censored" banners on those pix. Seriously, Gilligan is, like, the Mayor of Squaresville.

  5. These are great pictures! I think that was a manatee by the way.


  6. Not for nothing...There are several really homely women in these pics. Possibly the little animal friends were there to distract from their faces?

  7. I always wondered what Yogi was thinking about when he said "Hey hey hey!" all the time. Now I know.

  8. I don't think that's a manatee, it looks like an albino platypus to me.

  9. Pia Zadora? That's a name I haven't heard in ages. But no, it doesn't look like her to me.

  10. Is it me or does the manatee look like the model? Who's more hideous? It's a tie in my book.

  11. Hey, I know that guy in #15! It's Tony the Tiger's half-brother. I didn't know he worked in the sex trade.

  12. Hey, I know that guy in #15! It's Tony the Tiger's half-brother. I didn't know he worked in the sex trade.

  13. The manatee is awesome! Definitely distracts from the scary looking model next to him!

  14. I'm pretty sure that animal on the Jem cover is a rooster in a top hat. Great post btw!