Mini Skirt Monday #140: Minis On Stage (Part 3)

Last week we looked at miniskirts on stage in regards to dance routines and musical numbers.  This round we're looking at more dramatic performances.  In fact, these may provide an added dimension of interest - can you determine what plays these are from?

I don't have the answer to a lot of these, but I'd love to hear your theories on them.  Some are no-brainers; while others leave me scratching my head.

(1) A warning that some of these are impossible to tell.  I wish I'd made notes on all of these; but some were simply scanned with no identifying information. And photos like the one above don't really provide any clues.

(2) deleted image

(4) This one is obviously the musical Lil' Abner.




  1. #15 is from the play Act Your Age.
    I'm hoping that photos #17 and 18 are from a stage adoptation of Little Red Riding Hood and not a musical version of The Wicker Man.

  2. I think every photo was taken at the precise moment the play got creepy.

  3. #12 looks like the Dana Marshz production of "The Seven Minutes".

  4. Let's give this a try;

    #2 - Bus Stop
    #3 - Sound of Music
    #5 - Sleeping Beauty
    #6 - Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf?
    #7 - Inherit the Wind
    #8 - That episode of Twilight Zone where all the charters are trapped in a room and hear a bell.
    #9 - Cat on a hot tin roof
    #10 - No idea what so ever
    #11 - !0 little Indians
    #12 - A Few Good Men
    #13 - The Matchmaker
    #14 - How to Succeed in business
    #15 - Primary Colors
    #16 - Company
    #17-18 - Red Ridding Hood without the budget for a hood
    #19 - Sense and Sensibility
    #20 - The Verdict.

  5. They're all creative interpretative versions of "David and Lisa"

  6. 1.) looks like BAREFOOT IN THE PARK...

  7. I thought that #2 looked like Mortimer Brewster explaining to his fiance that he just can't marry her because he expects to be crazy... like his aunts in Arsenic and Old Lace.

  8. Could 8 possibly be Godspell?

  9. I think #9 is another shot from PROMISES, PROMISES (where Chuck and his neighbor are helping Fran after her suicide attempt), while #19 could be a student production of THE APPLE TREE (by the same folks who gave you FIDDLER ON THE ROOF).

  10. Godspell? Starring Raggedy Ann and Andy?