Pancakes #7: At the Bar

You were much more likely to get a round of pancakes at a bar in 1978 than you would at an IHOP.  Indeed, the local watering hole was nothing more than the place to grab refreshment between pancakes.

Sure, bars are still ground zero for pancake making; however, the Great Pancake Depression of 1984 killed disco, coke, porn and pancakes-without-consequence in a matter months, and it's never been the same since.  (I think there's going to be a Ken Burns documentary on it soon).

Ronald Reagan, Ed Meese and the Moral Majority may have given the pancake factories a grievous wound, it was not mortal. Yes, it lives on here at Retrospace, and here it is...

Nature Fact of the Day:  The cougar's favorite food is pancakes.

This poor bartender is learning a hard lesson: don't try to multi-task when acquiring pancakes.  Pancake making requires singular focus.

With this one you not only get pancakes, but also chlamydia.  It's two for the price of one.

There are three things I know in this world.  One - that the sun will come up tomorrow. Two - all three of these people would test positive for cocaine..... and Three - within the next fifteen minutes, the two at the bar will be beyond the legal limit for pancakes.

Military service has its fringe benefits - free healthcare, a good retirement, a housing allowance.  Being a bartender also has its fringe benefits - all you can eat pancakes.

"Hello, Jim.  I'm feelin' kinda frisky.  I'm in the mood for some panca-...... Wow! You're already here!"

Surgeon General's Warning:  Smoking may obscure the view of pancakes.

 "Until Pancakes Do Us Part".   There's obviously pancakes being served at this wedding reception.

This Pancake Lizard is gettin' all the action; meanwhile, the barkeep looks on creepily.

Judging by these pictures, the way to get pancakes at a bar is to overtly show some leg.  The displayed female leg instinctively induces pancake cravings in other humans.

"Barkeep! A flagon of mead to warm my gullet and a round of pancakes for these lusty wenches! Tonight I drink and eat pancakes, for on the 'morrow I ride to my death or glory.  I care not which!"


  1. These make me think of fantasy fake wood paneled basements. Then some lowball magazine would hire models to overdress and pose.

    Ugh, I do not miss nylons either.

  2. When you're blaming people for forcing their morals on others, let's not forget the queen of them all - Tipper.

  3. Chevy Chase "Before AIDS, sex was like shaking hands."
    Danny Pudi "Hence AIDS!"


  4. That last picture: what is that, thigh-high boots with stockings and garter WITH running shorts??? Must be laundry day...

  5. next to last, girl on left, I love her legs hose n heels please please please ladies dress that way again

  6. Gil, you are, and will forever be, clever and funny.